Are you preparing for an exciting tropical diving adventure, yet finding yourself uncertain about what to pack? The initial question to ask yourself is what type of dive trip you are headed on. Will you be relaxing on a sun-soaked resort shoreline, or will you be embarking on an expedition aboard a liveaboard vessel? 

The packing essentials for a resort-based diving escapade versus a liveaboard may be different due to the accommodations and array of activities. Here’s a guide to assist you in prepping your packing list for each unique type of dive journey. 

Packing for a Liveaboard Adventure 

Liveaboards offer the opportunity to explore remote or multiple dive sites over the course of several days. They’re our preferred mode of transportation to destinations with many small islands. Our favorite liveaboard destinations include the Bahamas, Indonesia and the Philippines. When packing for a liveaboard dive trip, consider the following: 

1. Limited Space, Maximum Adventure

Liveaboard cabins are cozy, inspiring efficient packing. Select versatile clothing and focus on essentials. Remember, you’ll be in your swimsuit or wetsuit most of the time, so prioritize comfort and ease of movement. Liveaboards typically have a casual dress code. 

2. Dive Gear Must-Haves

Bring all your essential dive equipment, including a proper exposure suit for the location’s water temperature. Most liveaboards provide weights and tanks, so you do not have to bring your own. Since there is limited space in cabins, most liveaboards will have you keep your bigger dive gear on deck so a mesh bag is not needed. If you have any small personal items such as sunscreen, mask cleanse or electronics that you want to keep with you on deck, storing them in a small dry bag or box is a good option.

3. Personal Items

Liveaboards rarely offer a chance to replace personal items if left behind, so don’t forget toiletries, sunscreen and essential medications. Having extra cash for crew gratuity is also essential. We suggest about $10 per tank. If you are expected to pay for gratuity on a liveaboard we will let you know under our “What’s Not Included” section of our trip webpages.

Keep your dive certification cards, logbook and dive insurance in a waterproof bag or somewhere that they will be safe. With liveaboards being so remote, it may take longer to get medical help if needed. Having dive insurance is required on Diventures trips. Sign up for DAN’s dive insurance here.  

4. Motion Sickness Remedies

Liveaboards are on the water for extended periods of time, so consider bringing motion sickness remedies if you’re prone to seasickness. It’s always better to bring it even if you don’t need it. Seasickness can turn a dive trip into a horrible experience very quickly.  

5. Electronics

Pack chargers and consider a power strip if there are limited outlets in your cabin. Bear in mind that connectivity might be sparse on open waters, encouraging you to embrace the diving adventure fully! 

6. Quick-Dry Comfort

Instead of bringing a bunch of big cotton towels that will take a long time to dry, quick-dry towels are a good alternative. They are quick to dry and double as a space-efficient solution for your aquatic adventures.  

Preparing for a Dive Resort Retreat

Dive resorts offer a more stationary and often more comfortable setting for divers. When packing for a dive resort trip, you might focus on: 

1. Dive with Ease

When resort-bound, prioritize packing your essential dive equipment, and be sure to bring a mesh bag that can hold your equipment while you travel from the boat to your resort room. Stash your personal items in a dry bag or box to keep them dry and secure during boat outings. 

2. Resort Attire

Varying dress codes at resorts call for adaptable resort attire. Staying at a resort allows for a bit more space to store any extra clothes you may bring. Research resort guidelines to ensure you’re prepared for beachside relaxation and upscale dining experiences. 

3. Electronics

Chargers and power adapters are travel essentials. Keep your devices ready to capture memories and share your journey. Be sure to research the country you are visiting to determine what type of adapter and converter you will need.

4. Sun, Sand and Sea

Since you’ll be staying on land, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend time at the beach. Be sure to pack plenty of swimwear, cover-ups and beach essentials like sun protection and footwear. Prioritize reef-safe sunscreen for an eco-friendly touch. 

5. Eco-Conscious Choices

Show love for the underwater world by using reef-safe sunscreen, reusable water bottles and metal straws. All of these can be purchased at your local Diventures shop. Leave only bubbles behind and protect the ecosystems you explore!

Ultimately, whether you’re on a liveaboard or at a dive resort, always consider the specific destination, climate and planned activities when packing. Research the amenities and services provided by the liveaboard or resort to help you make informed packing decisions. Strategic packing ensures you’re ready to immerse yourself fully in the magic that lies beneath the waves. 

View all our dive trips here. Your underwater paradise awaits! 

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