Community Involvement

Beyond our own swimming pool

Our commitment to safety and fun in the water extends further. We help build passion and awareness for swim and scuba within the community across education, research and conservation.

Divers supporting divers

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the lack of tourism led to dive crews facing serious financial hardship. To help our friends financially, Diventures created a “Divers supporting divers” fundraising campaign and raised almost $22,000. Diventures donated $50,000 bringing the combined total gift to $72,000! The funds were distributed direct to 96 dive crew members across seven dive shops in May 2020.

Dive Pirates

Diventures proudly supports adaptive scuba diving. We’ve partnered with Dive Pirates to connect individuals with disabilities to the support, equipment and training necessary for scuba diving. With multiple Adaptive Dive Instructors, we train adaptive divers, their dive buddies, and scuba instructors to be Adaptive Dive Instructors.

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Diventures is proud to be the official Ocean Health Conservation and Education partner of Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, the top-ranked zoo within the United States. Over a five year period, Diventures will support the following key projects of the Zoo:

Coral research, conservation and restoration through the Zoo’s partnership with SECORE International.
Ocean and fresh water policy, conservation and awareness by supporting the Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP).
Community education and engagement through the Ocean Health Conservation Program and funding a Conservation Education Coordinator at the Zoo.
Providing corporate donations for the Zoo’s upcoming sea lions project.

The Nature Conservancy

Oceans provide half of the oxygen we breathe, food, and livelihoods for millions around the globe, and medicines to treat disease. Lakes, rivers, wetlands, and aquifers are vital to the health of our society and economy. Diventures is proud to support of The Nature Conservancy through inclusion on the Corporate Conservation Council of Nebraska. This alliance reflects Diventures’ commitment to important ecologic causes by supporting this global organization’s mission to protect lands and waters. The Nature Conversancy is working around the world with a goal that water remains clean, abundant, and managed in ways that meet the needs of people and nature. This is a perfect alignment with Diventures ecological stance.

SECORE International

SECORE International is a leading coral reef conservation worldwide. Their primary research is focused on coral reef reproduction due to corals rapid decline. They are developing protocols that can be implemented for coral restoration and reproduction. Through our partnership with Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, Diventures is a proud supporter of SECORE. The outreach and education programs are very important to SECORE’s work and have the capacity to reach millions to spread the word on behalf of coral reefs, their threats, and the means to protect them.

Fins Attached

Diventures has partnered with Fins Attached to aid in the conservation of marine life. Much of the research is focused on sharks including shark tagging to track migratory patterns, public awareness and education, and shark research expeditions.

Blue Oceans

Diventures is proud to be a member of the Blue Oceans movement. We’re committed to ocean health awareness, education and conservation. We teach and encourage our staff and customers to protect our environment by being a responsible diver and to refuse, reuse and recycle whenever possible. We all play a vital role in conserving our oceans, seas, coasts, and waterways. Every action counts when supporting and protecting the magnificent life within the underwater world.

Special Olympics

Diventures partners with Special Olympics Swim Teams with disabilities ranging from Down syndrome to hearing impairment. Donating the use of our pools and providing gear such as coats and towels. 
Special Olympics swim team
youth swimmers

Complimentary water safety education

We’ve partnered with the American Red Cross to provide an interactive 30-minute presentation designed for kids, kindergarten through sixth grade, to teach the importance of water safety. Our Red Cross certified instructors can help kids be safe and have fun in the water. We’re happy to help spread the message about how important water safety is to your school, Scout group, childcare facility, or other community group. 

Health and wellness fairs

We enjoy attending company health and wellness fairs to talk about the numerous health benefits of swimming laps and scuba diving. Water activities are not only great hobbies, but wonderful ways to stay physically and mentally fit.

Water rescue support

Diventures has supported local water rescue teams with donations of a Mako boat, underwater communication equipment and other equipment. We also hosts public safety water rescue appreciation events, honoring dive teams, their commitment to water safety and their dedication to making waterways safe for all.

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