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As summer approaches and temperatures rise, kids all over the country daydream about summer fun in the water. Prepare them for a safe summer in the water with spring swim lessons now.

At Diventures, we teach our students how to be safe in and around the water with life-saving swim skills. Join us as we review these skills and hear from a swim mom who witnessed the power of year-round swim lessons for her three-year-old daughter.

Turn & Grab the Wall

One of the fundamental safety skills we teach is the “Turn & Grab the Wall” technique. In the event of a pool accident, such as falling in unexpectedly, children are trained to swiftly turn around and grasp the nearest wall for support. This immediate response can prevent panic and enable them to call for assistance or independently climb out of the pool if able.

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Independent Climb Out of Pool

In addition to “Turn & Grab the Wall”, at Diventures we teach our students the “Elbow, Elbow, Tummy, Knee” method for an independent pool exit. This technique emphasizes using elbows to pull up, engaging the core to bring the tummy to the edge, and leveraging the knee for a stable climb out. This skill not only reinforces their safety but also instills a sense of accomplishment and self-reliance in and near the pool.

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Back Float

Among the most critical safety swim skills, is the ability to perform a back float. This technique not only aids in learning to swim but also serves as a lifesaving measure during emergencies. Back float allows swimmers to remain calm, signal for help, and wait for assistance while staying buoyant in the water. For the children who have the confidence to swim but underestimate the energy needed, back float gives them a chance to rest between attempts to swim back to safety.

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Elementary Backstroke

Introducing young swimmers to the elementary backstroke offers a low-intensity yet effective way to navigate through the water while keeping their faces dry. This stroke promotes the importance of staying relaxed in the water in addition to breath control, and spatial awareness which contributes to overall water safety.

back float swim safety skill
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Drowning is silent and can happen in the blink of an eye which is why at Diventures, we teach water safety skills to all our swim students to prepare them for water-related accidents and prevent drownings. Meredith is a Diventures swim mom who witnessed how our swim lessons prepared her daughter to stay safe in and around the water. Click the video to hear Meredith tell her story. 

As families prepare for summer fun in and around the water, we encourage parents to prioritize water safety and enroll their children in swim lessons this spring.

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