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Share your knowledge and passion for diving with others. Whether you choose to further your scuba education or to start a new career, we have the team and the experience to help you become a dive professional, a scuba instructor, or even go all the way to Instructor Trainer.

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Dive Guide

The Dive Guide course is the first step in becoming a well-prepared, versatile and marketable Dive Professional. Dive Guides are qualified to lead certified divers.

Prerequisites: 40+ open water dives; Navigation; Night & Limited Visibility; Deep Diving; Search & Recovery; Stress & Rescue; First Aid and CPR


Divemasters can assist Instructors with pool and confined water training and open water training under the direct supervision of an Instructor.

Prerequisites: 60+ open water dives; Dive Guide certification; Science of Diving

Assistant Instructor

The Assistant Instructor program qualifies you to teach Scuba Skills Update, Snorkeling and Try Scuba classes.

Prerequisites: 60+ open water dives; Divemaster certification

Training Specialist

Teach certain Specialties by as a Training Specialist by simply purchasing the training materials and co-teaching that Specialty with an Instructor, including: Boat Diving, Digital Underwater Photography, Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, and more.

Prerequisites: Assistant Instructor certification

Open Water Diver Instructor

Share the excitement of the underwater world with new divers by enrolling in the Instructor Training Course. On successful completion, you can attend an Instructor Evaluation. Passing earns you the Open Water Instructor cert. You can then teach and issue certifications for Open Water Divers.

Prerequisites: 75+ open water dives; Assistant Instructor certification

Specialty Instructor

Qualify by attending Specialty Instructor Seminars or co-teaching Specialty Programs with a qualified Instructor. If you already hold Specialties as a Training Specialist, they will be automatically upgraded to Specialty Instructor.

Prerequisites: Open Water Diver Instructor certification

Advanced Open Water Instructor

Complete the prerequisites and automatically be upgraded to an Advanced Open Water Instructor. You are now qualified to teach the Snorkel Instructor program, plus any other Specialties you are qualified to teach.

Prerequisites: Four Specialty Instructor ratings; issue 15 Specialty certifications

Divemaster Instructor

Divemaster Instructors are qualified to issue Science of Diving, Dive Guide, and Divemaster certifications.

Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water Instructor certification; issue 30 Specialty certifications

Assistant Instructor Trainer

You can now train Assistant Instructors and assist in Instructor Training Courses. After Upgrade and Crossover training conducted by the Service Center an Assistant Instructor Trainer can also conduct Instructor Crossovers.

Prerequisites: Divemaster Instructor

Master Instructor

After completing the prerequisites you will be automatically upgraded to the Master Instructor. With this rating, you are qualified to actively take part in SSI Product Review and enroll in an Instructor Trainer Seminar.

Prerequisites: 250 open water dives; 150 certifications; Assistant Instructor Trainer certification

Instructor Trainer

Pass the Instructor Trainer Seminar and you can teach and issue certifications for Instructor Training Courses, Specialty Instructor and Assistant Instructor Trainer Seminars, and Instructor Crossover programs.

Prerequisites: Master Instructor certification

Classified Diver Instructor

As a Classified Diver Instructor, you empower those with special considerations to explore the underwater world. You are able to adapt the SSI Open Water Diver program and training materials to meet your students’ specific needs.

Prerequisites: Assistant Instructor or Open Water Diver Instructor Certification

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