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Scuba is fun for the whole family – including kids as young as 8. They’ll learn safety skills, build upon their love of the water, and start their scuba journey with a solid foundation.


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Nurture their love of the water

Kids love scuba! Diventures offers multiple scuba diving options for kids. It’s a great way to learn disciple and teamwork, and an excellent way to build upon a love of the water.

Kids scuba classes are led by friendly and knowledgeable instructors, who happen to also love kids. We’ll ensure your kids stay safe and have a great time.

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Why Diventures?

Diventures is your one-stop solution for scuba diving. From education and equipment to full-service dive travel, we provide you and your child with everything you’ll need. We guarantee your comfort under water, no matter how long it takes. Our years of experience have taught us that comfort is key to enjoying scuba diving. We want you to be safe and confident – ready for your journey in the underwater world.

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Cutting-edge facilities

Our natatoriums are built with everyone’s comfort in mind, with 88-90° air and water, ensuring the ideal learning environment. We sanitize our pools using sand filters, chlorine and UV light. Filtration systems eliminate microorganisms and UV filters reduce chloramines and skin irritants. Our classrooms are spacious and use the latest technology.

Our knowledgeable staff are here to help. Our large retail store includes a wide selection of the newest gear from top vendors, so we can recommend the right equipment for you and your budget.

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Experienced and passionate instructors

Our scuba instructors are SSI certified and hold the highest level of recreational dive training. With tens of thousands of hours of diving experience and more than 50,000 logged dives at locations all around the world, they have the experience and knowledge to educate your child to be a safe and confident diver. They’ll learn from a dedicated staff, focused on their success.

Proven training

There are four ingredients to create a diver: knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience. Our signature water training and curriculum focuses on comfort through repetition. That means your kids can expect to learn new skills in each class, plus review and practice the skills from prior classes. First, they’ll develop the ability, then increased confidence, and finally, skills come naturally – ensuring they become a safe diver.

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Kids scuba diving at Diventures

Diventures is the perfect place for kids to take scuba lessons. Building upon their love of the water, we have lessons and programs for kids as young as 8 years old.

Diventures Explorers

Does your child have an interest in scuba diving and marine life? Our Diventures Explorers camp is a great introduction to scuba diving! This camp is for kids ages 8-12 and is focused on fun, so they will learn valuable water skills while having an amazing time.

Junior Open Water Diver

Scuba diving isn’t just for adults—kids can become certified open water divers, too! Our junior course consists of home study, academic review and pool sessions, and open water training dives. With small classes at a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio, your child will receive the attention they need to build their skills and confidence in a safe environment.

This course is available to those 12-14 years old. Children ages 10 and 11 may be certified through private classes at an additional cost. Once a diver turns 15, they will automatically have their certification upgraded to an Open Water Diver.

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Kids scuba FAQs

Is scuba diving safe for my child?

Yes! At Diventures, safety is our number one priority and fun is our number one goal. Learning to dive is all about learning how to use your gear and the skills your child needs to ensure they’re prepared underwater. We’re so passionate about safety, we promise that we will work with your child until they feel safe and confident.

How old does my child need to be before starting scuba diving lessons?

How old does my child need to be to start scuba diving lessons? – We offer scuba lessons and programs for kids as young as 8. The Scuba Rangers program is designed for younger kids who are strong swimmers. Children ages 10-14 can earn a Junior Open Water Diver certification.

How much does scuba diving certification cost?

The course and training dives are $600. There is required snorkel and safety gear, prices for this equipment vary. We offer a wide selection of gear across many price points to fit most budgets. Our knowledgeable team members will recommend the best gear for your child’s needs and your budget.

Should I buy or rent gear for my child?

At Diventures, while we believe it’s much safer to dive with your own gear that you’re familiar with, we offer high-quality rental gear for those not ready to purchase a total diving system. All our gear, for purchase and for rent, is the most current gear from today’s leading scuba diving gear manufacturers.

Does my child need to be an expert swimmer to start scuba diving?

Before starting a scuba diving course at Diventures, we do require all participants to demonstrate basic swimming abilities, and this goes for both adults and children. As long as they can complete a swim on their first day, they can begin scuba diving training. If they are a beginner swimmer or just want to refresh their skills, we offer plenty of kids swimming classes to help them become more confident in the water!

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