Aquatics Classes

From relieving and soothing discomfort from aches and pains, to getting fit and finding your happy place -our fun aquatics classes are for you!

Aquatic Classes

Therapy, relaxation, relief, and fitness!

Check out aquatic classes at Diventures!  We have something for everyone for in our warm and sparkling clean pools. Join the fun, meet friends, and you’ll soon discover Diventures is your “happy place!”

Arthritis Aquatics: Taught by an AEA-certified instructor, our Arthritis Aquatics classes help improve your range of motion, increase strength and flexibility, and relieve stress from joints.

Aqua Fit: Aqua Fit is the perfect class for everyone. Every movement is met with resistance from the water which builds muscle and increases flexibility.

Aqua Zumba: Dance the merengue, cumbia, reggaeton and many more in a fun and challenging water aerobics class. Led by instructors with specialty licenses, this unique class gets you moving while having a low impact on your joints. 

Water Aerobics: Get your groove on as you dance your way through one of our most-loved water exercise classes

Gentle Aerobics: Gentle movements to stretch, open, flex and find movement that feels wonderful in our warm pools.

Water Walking: Easy on the joints as you move your body into better wellbeing with this wonderful class.

What to bring

  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Water bottle


  • Your first class is on us
  • $8 per class
  • $70 for a 10-class punch card



  • Water Aerobics: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:30-2:15 pm

Sun Prairie

  • Arthritis Aerobics: Monday-Thursday 10:30-11:30 am
  • Aqua Fit: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 1-2 pm
  • Gentle Aerobics: Monday-Thursday 9-10 am
  • Water Walking: Monday-Thursday 8-8:30 am, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday noon-12:20 pm

    Get your groove on,

    in the water!


    What’s next

    You may also enjoy lap swim.

    Find your rhythm

    Lap swim is a great cardio exercise and many people find the repetitive movements relaxing. There are no membership fees to join Diventures.

    adult swimmer

    Love the personal attention by the staff at Diventures. They are very patient and knowledgeable. Great facility.

    Angie B.

    Visit Diventures to see why we’re the best for you.