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Jump into the deep end, fins first, and learn how to scuba dive, improve your skills, or get the training you need to dive in deeper!


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Wherever the water takes you

Diventures is the premier place for all things scuba, offering a wide range of scuba diving courses—from open water certification to professional level courses. You can expect to receive the best scuba training from highly educated instructors that have logged tens of thousands of hours of diving experience over the past 50 years.

Whether you need to get certified, brush up on your diving skills, book a trip, get your gear or want to have some local diving fun, we like to think we offer a little something for everyone.

Why Diventures?

Diventures is your one-stop solution for scuba diving. From education and equipment to full-service dive travel, we provide you with everything you need. We guarantee your comfort underwater, no matter how long it takes. Our years of experience have taught us that comfort is key to enjoying scuba diving. We want you to be safe and confident – ready for your journey in the underwater world.

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Cutting-edge facilities

Our natatoriums are built with your comfort in mind, with 88-90 degree air and water, ensuring the ideal learning environment. We sanitize our pools using sand filters, chlorine, and UV light. Filtration systems eliminate microorganisms and UV filters reduce chloramines and skin irritants. Our classrooms are spacious and use the latest technology.

Our knowledgeable staff is here to help. Our large retail store includes a wide selection of the newest gear from top vendors, so we can recommend the right equipment for you and your budget.

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Scuba class

Experienced and passionate instructors

Our scuba instructors are SSI certified and hold the highest level of recreational dive training. With tens of thousands of hours of diving experience and more than 50,000 logged dives at locations all around the world, they have the experience and knowledge to educate you to be a safe and confident diver. You’ll learn from a dedicated staff, focused on your success.

Proven training

There are four ingredients to create a diver: knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience. Our signature water training and curriculum focuses on comfort through repetition. That means you can expect to learn new skills in each class, plus review and practice the skills from prior classes. First, you’ll develop the ability, then increased confidence, and finally, skills come naturally – ensuring you become a safe diver.

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Scuba dive with Diventures

When it comes to our scuba diving courses, we cater to your skill level. Our top-notch instructors teach a wide variety of scuba classes, taking as much time as necessary, to ensure you feel comfortable before moving on to the next step.

Try Scuba

Looking for a fun and exciting adventure? A Try Scuba class is perfect for everyone! In just two hours you’ll experience weightlessness and what it’s like to breathe underwater.

Specialty Scuba Courses

Our wide variety of specialty scuba classes are designed to take your diving knowledge and enjoyment to the next level.

Scuba Diving for Kids

Scuba is fun for the whole family; kids can get certified too! They’ll learn safety skills, build upon their love of the water, and start their scuba journey with a solid foundation.

Open Water Diver

Earn your open water diver scuba certification and start exploring a lifetime of underwater adventures.

Landlocked Scuba Club

Enjoy new places to dive and meet new dive buddies. The club also includes member-only diving and social events.

Skills Update

Been out of the scuba game for a while? This refresher class will get you reacquainted with your gear and skills.

 How it works

You’ll earn your scuba diving certification through three parts: first home study, then academic review and pool sessions, and finally open water training dives. We keep our scuba diving classes small and our experienced instructors provide a personalized experience focused on education and skill development. You can complete your training dives locally or on a Diventures trip with one of our instructors.

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Explore new, underwater worlds

Explore the depths and the beauty of marine wildlife on a Diventures trip. We provide concierge service at top diving destinations around the world. You can join a group trip or we can help plan your dream private trip.

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Scuba diving FAQs

Is scuba diving safe?

Yes! At Diventures, safety is our number one priority and fun is our number one goal. Learning to dive is all about learning how to use your gear and the skills you need to ensure you’re prepared underwater. We’re so passionate about safety, we promise that we will work with you until you feel safe and confident. 

How much does scuba diving certification cost?

There is required snorkel and safety gear, prices for this equipment vary. We offer a wide selection of gear across many price points to fit most budgets. Our knowledgeable team members will recommend the best gear for your needs and budget. Check out your location’s course catalog for prices.

Should I buy or rent my own gear?

At Diventures, while we believe it’s much safer to dive with your own gear that you are familiar with, we offer high-quality rental gear for those not ready to purchase a total diving system. All our gear, for purchase and for rent, is the most current gear from today’s leading scuba diving gear manufacturers.

Do I need to be an expert swimmer to dive?

You must demonstrate a basic swimming ability at the beginning of your scuba course. It’s good to make sure you are comfortable in the water and being able to swim can help you do that. However, diving underwater and swimming on top of the water are two entirely different activities. The best part of diving is the ability to relax and breathe underwater, so, if you can complete the swim on the first day, you should not have any issues. If you feel you need a swimming refresh, a private swim lesson is a great option.

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