Our passion runs deep

Our vision

Using our passion and the power of water to impact lives, change the world

…and have fun doing it!

Our philosophy

The world isn’t a playground; it’s a waterpark. And we’re all about safety and fun in the water. We live by the philosophy that you don’t just dip your toes in—you go all in. Diventures is a place where you can surround yourself with adventure and immerse yourself in fun. Get ready to expand your horizons beneath the surface and get diving.

scuba diving instructors

Teaching our passion

Our scuba instructors have more than 50,000 logged dives at locations all around the world. Their experience and knowledge will ensure you become a safe and confident diver. Our swim instructors have certifications from multiple agencies, meaning you’ll learn the best skills and techniques available from a dedicated staff, focused on your learning.

Teaching principles

Safety is our #1 priority.

  • Fun is our #1 goal.
  • We believe in positive reinforcement.
  • We’re focused on meeting individual needs.
  • We pride ourselves in offering clean, and comfortable facilities.
  • Our certified swim teachers are dedicated to amazing services and care.
  • We design programs that are easy to understand.
swim teach and student doing back float
swim teacher with student

Pricing principles

We strive to earn your loyalty and trust by providing great value:

  • We are in the relationship business.
  • The core foundational element of any relationship is trust.
  • We earn your trust by providing unparalleled, concierge-level customer service and charging a fair and competitive price.

We keep your trust by following these guidelines:

  • We always offer the best prices we can, which is why we don’t discount.
  • We deliver an experience that justifies the prices we charge.
  • We offer fair and competitive prices every day.
  • We adhere to MAP (minimum advertised price, as set by our vendors).
    There are no side deals.

Our history

Diventures was founded in 2009 with a mission for a customer-centric approach to creating safety and fun in and around the water. Our vision, mission and values are at the core of who we are and everything we do.

diver with arrowhead crab

Supporting the community

Our commitment to safety and fun in the water extends further than our own shoreline. We make waves in our community by educating and encouraging a passion for swim and scuba wherever we can. By dedicating ourselves to aquatics education and interaction, we help create a community that is passionate about learning.

Visit Diventures to experience our concierge service.