Lexington, KY

Scuba diving

From scuba certification to advanced courses to high-quality gear, Diventures at New Horizons Diving Center offers it all.

Our facility

New Horizons Diving is dedicated to quality training and safe diving. Classes are offered regularly, and we offer frequent and exciting trips. We carry a full line of high-quality scuba equipment and accessories. New Horizons Diving was acquired by Diventures in 2021. We are currently looking for a new location and will build a new full-service swim and scuba center.

  • Offers over 25 brands
  • Travel center
  • Full service center

Hours of operation

Mon-Fri: 12pm-4pm ET
Sat: By Appointment
Sun: Closed

Contact us

2549 Regency Rd #104
Lexington, KY 40503
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Phone: (859) 277-1234
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scuba diving instructors

Learn to scuba dive in Lexington

Scuba is for everyone and we are the premier place for all things scuba. We offer a wide range of scuba classes – from scuba certification to professional courses. You’ll appreciate our classrooms and selection of scuba equipement.

Scuba for kids

Scuba diving lessons for kids are a fun and safe way for kids to deepen their love of the water. Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors are passionate about sharing their love of scuba.