Our vision

Using our passion and the power of water to impact lives, change the world

…and have fun doing it!

Our mission

Lead the world in creating safety and fun in and around the water.

Our values

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Safety is our number one priority!

We are driven to help everyone to be safe in and around the water.
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We own our customers' experiences!

We are empowered and accountable to take exceptional care of our customers.
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Fun is our number one goal!

We are passionate about the water and using it to positively impact lives.
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We deliver exceptional experiences!

We teach lifelong skills and create lasting memories.
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We are in the relationship business!

We build lasting relationships with our customers.
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We are positive advocates for the health of our oceans and waterways!

We create awareness, provide education and support conservation.
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Our relationships are built on trust!

We do the right thing, for the right reasons, all the time.
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We support our communities!

We create jobs and opportunities and work to promote water safety education in partnership with local organizations.
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We are trusted experts!

We provide expert knowledge, experience and instruction.

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The customer comes first, always!

We ask proactively, listen attentively and act accordingly.