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Swimming lessons for all ages, programs ranging from a stroke clinic to water aerobics, open swim, and more – Diventures is the premier swimming destination.

Swimming lessons at Diventures

Where giggles and goggles unite!

Want to enroll in swimming lessons for you or your child? Diventures offers a wide variety of swim classes for swimmers of all ages and skill levels!

We are committed to teaching in a safe and comfortable environment, and our swim teachers are certified with the highest SSI credentials. We focus on individual swim goals and achievements so that all swimmers can learn the skills they need for advancement and everyone has fun when they’re in the water!

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Why Diventures?

Diventures creates a unique and fun learning experience that delivers value and quality you won’t find elsewhere. With cutting-edge facilities, an emphasis on cleanliness and safety, passionate teachers that make learning fun, and measurable progress with our Passport to Adventure, Diventures is the best place to learn to swim.

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Cutting-edge facilities

At Diventures, swimmers are kept warm, in and out of the water, for the ideal learning environment. We use custom-built Dectron HVAC systems that use the warmth from the pool water to heat the air in the winter, and the warmth from the air to heat the pool in the summer.

We sanitize our pool using sand filters, chlorine and UV light. Plus, our pool water circulates completely through our filtration system every 4 hours to eliminate microorganisms. Our natatorium operates on its own HVAC system with state-of-the-art air filtration and ventilation. We automatically control and manually check the chemical levels in our pool every 4 hours to ensure a safe swimming environment. UV filters help reduce chloramines and skin irritants.

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Experienced and passionate teachers

Our swim teachers are certified with the highest SSI credentials and use the latest swim curriculum and teaching techniques. Most classes are limited to four students per teacher, so you can be confident your swimmer is getting the best education while having a great time.


Progress you can see

Parents always know how their child is doing in swimming lessons thanks to our Passport to Adventure. As kids advance through the skills in each level, their progress is tracked, and their achievements are celebrated.

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Ecology Classes

To continue living our mission of furthering ocean health education and conservation in our communitiesDiventures is proud to provide a free kid’s ecology program for swim students and their families. Each 45-minute session covers a range of marine, ocean health and conservation topics over the course of 12 months. The class includes a 20-30 minute child-friendly presentation followed by a 15-20 minute activity reinforcing the topic


Choosing the right class is key to success.
We recommend a free trial lesson evaluation.
Call us or send an email and we’ll schedule at your convenience.

Swim with Diventures

Whether you’re just starting, want to brush up on your skills, or looking for somewhere to stay active, Diventures offers a wide variety of classes to help you become a more confident swimmer.

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Trial lesson

Through our complimentary Trial Swim Lesson, parents have the opportunity to see firsthand how Diventures can help their child in the pool! Your child will receive one-on-one time, an assessment of their skills, and recommendations for future swim goals.

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Child lessons

Our child swimming lessons are all about helping kids become confident in the water. Classes are small with a 4:1 teacher-to-student ratio so kids get the attention they need to build their skills and become better swimmers!

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Adult lessons

Whether you’re just starting out or want to brush up on your skills, we offer swimming lessons for adults of all skill levels to help you achieve your goals.

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Private swim lessons

If you’re unsure if a group setting is right for you, we offer private classes to get personalized one-on-one teaching! Reach all of your goals with our private and semiprivate swimming lessons.

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Water activities

Diventures offers a variety of water activities, classes, and camps for all ages! Whether you want to take an aquatic fitness class or get your lifeguard certification, we offer a variety of options to choose from!

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Open swim

Our facilities offer open swim times for those looking to relax in the water or work on their skills. From lap swimming to group swims and pool parties, we want you to have fun in the water!

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Swimming FAQs

What do I need to bring to swimming classes?

All you need to bring is a bathing suit, towel, and swimming goggles. For children 3 and younger, or those not toilet trained, we require reusable swim diapers. Goggles and reusable swim diapers are available in our retail store.

Do you offer swim classes for infants?

Our baby and toddler swimming classes are designed for children starting as young a two-months-old. These classes are a great way to show your little one how much fun the water is! A parent will be in the pool to support and cheer their baby on during class. Your little swimmer will have fun splashing in the pool while being introduced to basic skills.

What is a good age for a child to start swimming?

Introducing your child to swim lessons at a young age is one of the most effective and important first step toward water safety. We offer swimming lessons for all ages and all skill levels, even as young as two-months-old.

Can I get my Lifeguard Certification?

Diventures offers an American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification at select locations. The certification includes First Aid, CPR, and AED training and is valid nationwide for two years. This course is available to those 15 years old and up.

When are swim lessons offered?

Classes are available during the week, both day and evening, and weekend mornings. Choose the day and time that works best for you. Classes meet weekly in monthly sessions.

What is Swim Schools International (SSI)?

Swim School International (SSI) is a swim teacher certification agency. Our teachers go through rigorous training to build your swimmer’s confidence through repetition, giving them the personalized attention they need to be successful swimmers.

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