Just like Diventures promotes growth and development for our students and divers, we also do our best to develop our team members who work behind the scenes to make every lesson and course a success. We have a wide range of team members with different skills and strengths that keep our swim and scuba schools operating. When we find those individuals who want to learn more and grow in their careers, we do what we can to focus on their goals to get them to where they want to be. Here are a few of many team members who have grown and developed with our company over the years. 

Delaney Hill

Delaney has grown up with Diventures. Before she became a team member in Omaha, NE, she was a swim student. When she turned 16, she decided it would be fun to become a Swim Teacher herself. Seven years later and Delaney has worked her way up to a front desk Greeter and Deck Manager.  

“I’m grateful for the relationships I have built throughout the years with the swim families and my coworkers. I love hearing stories from swim families each week and seeing how excited swimmers are when they reach their goals! My coworkers never fail to boost my mood and keep me on my toes, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with!” 

Thank you, Delaney, for all you do to help keep our students safe in and around the water! 

Joey Lankford 

Joey has been a bright light on the Springfield team since 2019. He started as a Swim Teacher and slowly transitioned to a full-time Retail Associate. Now he is Springfield, MO’s Scuba Experience Manager and using his passion and love for the water to inspire others to learn about the sport and find their passion in scuba as well! 

“I am grateful for Diventures because the work we do here every day adds more purpose to my life. Oh yeah, I also have A LOT of fun doing it!”

Joey, we are glad you have a lot of fun doing what you do because we can’t imagine Diventures without you! 

Katy Roberts  

Katy has been with Diventures since the beginning. In the past 12 years Katy has held 11 different job roles at Diventures, each one different from the last. Katy started as a Retail Associate in Omaha, NE and soon became an Assistant Open Water Diver Instructor. With all that scuba knowledge she transitioned to Scuba Experience Manager and then Store Manager. Looking for a change of scenery, Katy became Diventures’ Bookkeeper. A few more roles later and she is now our Assistant Controller. 

I’m grateful that they’ve let me stick around to witness all of the madness and nag everyone about spreadsheets and invoices.” 🙂 

Katy, we are grateful you have stuck it out through our immense growth! Diventures would not be what it is without you. 

Megan Oswald

Do you love to travel with Diventures? Well, you can thank Megan Oswald for the amazing planning and customer service on each trip! Megan started at Diventures nine years and four months ago as a Retail Associate in Omaha, NE. She soon became the Assistant Manager and then Store Manager. With Megan’s love and knowledge of travel she then transitioned to Travel Coordinator. Once she learned the ropes and became an expert in all things dive travel, she became the Travel Program Director. She now leads a team of three and is planning over 100 trips every year! 

“I am grateful for Diventures because of all the opportunities I have been given to meet amazing people from all over the world. It has given me the ability to learn and discover new cultures and has taught me how blessed we are being able to see so much of the world outside of the box we live in. I am also grateful I get to live and breathe my passion as my career. I get to wake up each day and live scuba and travel, not many people can say they love the work they do.”

Megan, thank you for continually building our travel program to be the best that it can be! We are so excited to see what trips you will plan next. 

Ryan Oestreich 

Ryan has been holding down the fort in Springfield, MO for the last eight years. He started as a Retail Associate in 2014, worked his way to Assistant Store Manager and is now Springfield’s Store Manager, all while working towards his Advanced Open Water Instructor certification. You could say Ryan knows a thing or two about scuba diving. 

“I’m grateful for Diventures because they have supported and provided me opportunities to grow as a professional and individual since I started. I’m also grateful for the amazing experiences I’ve had while meeting new people and doing with I love.”  

Ryan, thank you for coming along on the journey with us helping us grow Diventures. Your passion for the sport and willingness to take on new opportunities is what we are all about! 

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