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At Diventures, safety is our #1 priority, and fun is our top goal. When it comes to swimming lessons for kids, our approach is to create activities for little tikes that – above all else – increase your child’s safety in the water by teaching them valuable and lifelong skills, but are also fun to do.

One of the first skills taught to children during our swimming lessons for kids is the “starfish float.” It’s a simple water survival skill where the children learn to relax and lay on their backs in the water with their arms and legs extended. Doing so makes it easier to float. The starfish float is a basic survival technique that allows you to float for long periods of time if need be.

(Fun fact: starfish don’t actually float. While many starfish are found in inter-tidal waters just below the sea surface, some have been found as deep as 20,000 feet below the ocean’s surface, or roughly four miles underwater.)

Best of all, most children find the starfish float really fun as they begin to feel more in control of their water environment. It’s a fundamental water skill taught during swimming lessons for kids that helps them to gain a greater comfort level in the pool or any body of water.

Meet Elizabeth and her mom

Meet a satisfied (but somewhat shy) Diventures customer and her mom. They heard great things about swim lessons and Elizabeth’s mom decided to give it a try. See what they both have to say about their swim session.