Are you looking to gift your diver with excitement and adventure? Diventures offers over 20 different specialty courses for divers and non-divers alike. But we’ve laid out one of the top courses that will make your diver’s heart race and get them excited to go explore ocean floors below. Photography.

Ready, set, strike a pose! The photography & video course is a great gift for any diver that is proficient in taking photos on land and is ready to try it out at sea. They’ll be able to capture amazing footage that most people can only see on the travel channels.   


What To Expect

In this course they’ll learn how to take consistent, quality underwear photos for diving memories that will last a lifetime. The great thing about under photography is that the images they collect will last forever. Years from now your diver will be able to look back and relive the incredible experiences they had underwater, and it was all thanks to you. 

Underwater photography and video can also help shed light on conservation awareness. Your diver is bound to post their photos on social media or show family members. Every photo they have tells a story and your diver will be able to educate others from their experiences.  

We can’t think of another gift that provides so many benefits and is still fun! 

Add this course to your gift list this year and your diver will be ready to become a Master Diver in no time! This is not a gift that will be tossed out anytime soon. It’s something that will last your diver a lifetime. How many people can say they’ve ever received a gift like that?

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