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Are you looking to gift your diver with excitement and adventure? Diventures offers over 20 different specialty courses for divers and non-divers alike. But we’ve laid out one of the top courses that will make your diver’s heart race and get them excited to go explore ocean floors below. Spearfishing.

Spearfishing is a popular course because it combines warrior-like skills with scuba diving. Your diver will pretty much feel like a superhero by the time they’re done. And before you think spearfishing is bad for marine life, most divers only hunt for lionfish, which is an invasive species. They are spreading like wildfire in the Atlantic Ocean and are harmful to the reefs and other organisms. Divers are encouraged to be on the hunt for these fish.


What To Expect

In this class, they’ll learn the etiquette and ethics of spearfishing, plus safety procedures, and an intro to spearfishing equipment – how to select, use, and maintain your gear. It also covers underwater hunting techniques they will practice in the pool. With this gift, you know your diver will have an amazing experience while also helping protect the reefs and the underwater ecosystem. That’s pretty cool.  

Add this course to your gift list this year and your diver will be ready to become a Master Diver in no time! This is not a gift that will be tossed out anytime soon. It’s something that will last your diver a lifetime. How many people can say they’ve ever received a gift like that?

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