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Be prepared and confident

Knowledge and confidence while diving is vital for safety. There’s no better way to gain that knowledge and confidence than with specialty courses. The Stress & Rescue course teaches you the skills to effectively manage problem situations if they should occur.

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Try Scuba because…YOLO!

There are not too many opportunities in life that are a no-lose proposition. When you find a chance to expand your horizons or try something new without much downside, well, YOLO! So, if you’ve ever been even mildly interested in scuba, Diventures offers a Try Scuba class that is an ideal way to literally dip your toe into the pool and see if this invigorating underwater activity is for you.

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Want to up your scuba skills? Become a Master Diver

If you’ve received your Open Water Diving certification, congrats! That’s the first step toward becoming a skilled scuba diver. But, if you really want to take your skills to a higher level and make the most out of every scuba experience, there’s no better way than achieving Master Diver level.

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Debunking 6 Scuba diving myths

If you’re new to scuba, you may have some misconceptions about this wonderful activity that keeps you from trying it out. Or maybe you have some fears based on something you’ve heard. It’s common for anybody new to an activity – especially one as dynamic as scuba – to have reservations. That’s doubly true if you’ve had limited exposure to scuba experts or accurate information.

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