Summer swim lessons help prepare children for a safer summer in and around the water.

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Summer is here which means lots of fun in and around the water! Whether your family enjoys days at the pool, waterparks, lakes, or beaches, don’t forget about water safety rules. While it can be tempting to take a break from structured activities, including swim lessons, keeping children enrolled in class all summer long is so important. At Diventures, we see first-hand how year-round swim education creates continuous progress for young swimmers.

Here are five reasons why summer swim lessons are beneficial.

Consistent Progress

One of the most important reasons to keep your kids in swim lessons during the summer is to ensure they continue progressing. Swimming, like any other skill, requires consistency. Taking a break can lead to a loss of recently learned skills and make it harder to pick up where they left off. Regular weekly swim lessons allow for continuous growth through repetition while children learn new swim skills.

Some of our locations even offer consecutive daily lessons in the summer through our Splash Sessions.

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Prevent Bad Habits

Many kids spend their summers swimming, whether that be at a pool, lake, or beach. But without the guidance of a professional swim teacher, children can develop bad swimming habits like dog-paddling or not putting their face in the water. These can be difficult to unlearn and may even pose safety risks. By keeping your children in lessons, you ensure they receive expert instruction that emphasizes proper techniques and safe practices.

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Water Safety Education

Safety is the cornerstone of our swim program at Diventures. Continuous swim lessons keep a constant emphasis on water safety. During our lessons, students learn vital skills like floating on their backs and how to exit the pool independently.

Visit our blog to learn more about the water safety skills our students learn at Diventures.

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Builds Endurance and Strength

Swim lessons are not just about technique; they play a crucial role in building endurance and strength. Even children who know how to swim can find themselves in danger if they overestimate their abilities and lack the endurance or strength to get to safety. Swim lessons help children of all ages build the stamina needed to swim longer distances and the muscle strength required to handle challenging situations in the water.

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Preparation for Aquatic Activities

At Diventures we believe the world isn’t a playground, it’s a waterpark! When your child becomes a strong and confident swimmer, it opens the door to new and exciting water-based activities like snorkeling or even scuba diving! 

Learn more about kids scuba diving at Diventures!

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Summer swim lessons help prepare children for a safer summer in and around the water.

Learn more about our swim lessons and find a facility near you!

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