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Diventures has launched a new professional training partnership with Divers Alert Network (DAN) to bring DAN’s Dive Safety Officer (DSO) course and certification to dive operators and professionals worldwide. The course teaches operators and professionals how to identify and assist in mitigating technical and operational risks across the range of dive-related activities. 

“At Diventures, safety is our number one priority. Our dive professionals, trip leaders, and store operators have always found enormous value in DAN’s courses, and we know they make our industry safer,” says Dean Hollis, founder of Diventures. “We’re thrilled to deploy our talented team and resources to expand the availability of DAN DSO training.” 

Learn about the value of the course from our DAN Instructor Trainer, Claude Smith. Claude is an SSI Instructor Certifier, Platinum Pro 5000 Instructor and PSI/PCI Instructor. His extensive industry experience spans decades in varied dive operations, including retail facilities, charter boat operations, and international travel destinations. 

DAN DSO Course Q&A with Claude Smith

Why should someone take this course? 

Anyone who takes this course will gain the benefit of knowing how to identify hazards and assess the risks involved. Some hazards are big, some are small, but all of them are important. This course will help dive operators and professionals know how to prioritize hazards and, equally important, how to correct them.  

What do I need to do to prepare for the course?

To prepare for the course, there isn’t much pre-work to do. The academics are mostly lecture-based, so they can be tailored to each student. The course is very interactive and full of great information. 

How long does course take? 

The course has two parts: the academics and the hands-on portion.

  • The academic portion gives the participants knowledge in many areas, including fire safety, potential electrical hazards, noise levels, air gas quality, and an introduction to recompression chambers.
  • The hands-on portion is where the participants learn how to quantify hazards through a simple evaluation form, and how to prioritize them.  
What do I need to do to prepare for the course?

To prepare for the DSO course, there isn’t that much pre-work to do as the academics are mainly lecture-based so that it can be tailored to each individual. It is very interactive and full of great information. 

How does the course make my dive shop/operation safer?

The DAN DSO course is focused on safety. Each dive operation already has paperwork, agency standards, liability and medical forms, but the course is designed to teach the participants how to be confident in identifying and correcting areas outside of what is already in place throughout the industry. By taking this course, DSOs can have the confidence and mindset to make their business safer. As a result, the entire industry is positively affected.  

The DAN DSO course “Powered by Diventures” offers blended learning with in-person and virtual components. Prospective DSOs can complete their training on site at their dive operation or at select Diventures locations throughout the country. Enroll now or request more information on becoming a Dive Safety Officer.


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