11 Instructor Trainers from all parts of the world traveled to DAN Headquarters to complete their DAN Examiner certification.

Omaha (June 8, 2022) – Diventures’ New Business Development Director and Dive Professional, JoAnn Haack, has become one of 42 Diver’s Alert Network (DAN) Examiners in the world. This past weekend, JoAnn embarked on a trip to DAN Headquarters in Durham, North Carolina to complete a three-and-a-half-day Examiner course. The course consisted of various emergency scenarios and skill demonstrations. Becoming a DAN Examiner is the ultimate accomplishment and comes with great respect and responsibility from your diving peers.


JoAnn Haack and Jim Gunderson, Director, DAN Training


Diver’s Alert Network is the world’s most recognized and respected dive safety organization. They have remained committed to the health and well-being of divers for over 40 years. The non-profit’s research, medical services, and global-response programs have created an extensive network that supports divers with vital services such as injury prevention, safety and educational programs, and lifesaving evacuations.

JoAnn earned her Open Water Diver certification in 2006, long after many of her peers. Regardless of the timeframe, she has developed very quickly in her skills and continues to grow more with each new course she teaches. As a DAN Examiner, JoAnn can instruct and certify DAN Instructor Trainers, who certify DAN Instructors.  

The three-and-a-half-day program reviews and practices real-life scenarios Haack and her peers have learned in previous Diving First Aid courses. These courses cover various types of emergency services including CPR, first aid, AED, emergency management, and hazardous marine life injuries. 

JoAnn’s class consisted of 11 Examiner Candidates. Eight from the U.S., one from Chile, and two from Singapore. The first day was a half-day and took the candidates on a tour of The Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology and its seven chambers. The facility is internationally recognized for its research in the areas of carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression sickness, oxygen toxicity, and adverse effects of radiation. 

Today, the chamber continues a combination of routine therapy for wound healing and other chronic indications.

The Duke Hyperbaric Chamber is the only civilian hyperbaric facility with US Navy certification.

The next day consisted of skills presentations. Each candidate was given an emergency that they would then demonstrate to the class. JoAnn’s was a demonstration of how to clean the wound of someone stung by a sea urchin. “It was kind of funny. I had to pretend the person had been stung by a sea urchin and show how to clean their hand to get the spines out. I used chocolate sprinkles for the spines and white frosting to get the sprinkles to stick.” Other skills presented during the day were chest compressions, rescue breathing, and oxygen kits.

The highlight of the three days was the unexpected situation they faced in the classroom. Here is how JoAnn described the situation, “The room was set to be on the dive deck of a liveaboard where a scuba diver was found bleeding after being stabbed by a speargun. At the same time, his wife was screaming, and the captain was too drunk to know how to call the Coast Guard. There were two bottles of O2, one of which was empty and both AEDs were out of commission. So once the man pretended to pass out and his heart stopped, we gave chest compressions.” Since the room was being filmed, the candidates were able to watch themselves and give critiques.

“Our group overall did very well,” said JoAnn. “We all addressed different aspects of the scenario at the same time. When I ran into the room, I addressed the bleeding and applied a tourniquet, one man got the O2 kit, one got the first aid kit, and one got the wife calmed down.”

DAN Examiner Candidates outside of DAN Headquarters in Durham, NC.

Reflecting on the class Haack said it was a great learning experience. “There were some very experienced candidates in the room. Some were emergency paramedics and firefighters who have had multiple real-life scenarios they have experienced. They had great knowledge that I was excited to learn from.”

JoAnn is honored to be a part of such a small group of dive professionals all sharing their passion for the water and their love for scuba.

About Diventures:

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