Diventures and the Henry Doorly Zoo team up to help keep our lakes, rivers, and streams clean.


Omaha (June 17, 2022)Omaha Diventures is partnering with Henry Doorly Zoo and Keep Omaha Beautiful this summer to clean up Omaha area lakes, rivers, and streams.

Summer Reading Program

Levi Carter Lake shore

Saturday, they began with Levi Carter Lake whose shore was cluttered with litter. Caitlin Leary, Henry Doorly’s Conservation Education Coordinator said, “This lake is one of the worst we have seen.  We’ve had to pull out mattresses and tires in the past.”

Both groups and families are encouraged to volunteer during cleanups. Each is given a checklist of various materials that may be found which could include anything from bottle caps to cigarette butts to pieces of plastic.  At the end of each event, the items are tallied and totaled.

At the end of the season, Leary hopes to display all the debris collected.  “That way people can see the real impact our cleanup had,” she said.  

David, Zoo Docent and Diventures Divemaster at cleanup event

Caitlin Leary, Zoo Conservation Education Coordinator



For more information and to volunteer for future cleanups visit Henry Doorly Zoo’s website.

About Diventures:

Diventures was founded in 2009, with one location in Omaha, Nebraska. We continue to expand with more than a dozen locations across the U.S. Diventures provides concierge-level customer service for swim lessons, scuba certifications, equipment sales and service, and group and private travel. Diventures is committed to safety and fun in the water, as well as giving back to support local and global communities. Employing hundreds of people and serving thousands of customers per year, Diventures uses their passion, and the power of the water, to impact lives and change the world… and have fun doing it!

Visit www.diventures.com for more information.



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