Pirate Activity Sheet Download!

Arrrgggg! Ahoy mateys! Welcome aboard Queen Anne’s Revenge. We have a great collection of pirate activity worksheets designed for children to dive deeper into the history of pirates, Blackbeard, and his infamous ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge.

These activity worksheets let children put their creativity to the test by recreating Blackbeard’s portrait, discovering their own pirate name, searching for buried treasure, and learning new pirate terms. They’re a perfect addition to any lesson or a fun activity for the whole family.

Download these worksheets and print in color or black and white.

Children love reading stories about scurvy pirates searching for buried treasure, but what they might not realize is that they could turn those stories into a career! Archeologists dive deep into the depths of the ocean in search of learning more about pirate shipwrecks. Check out our recent blog on the discovery of Blackbeard’s ship Queen Anne’s Revenge and how archeologists are using it to learn about pirates of the past.

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