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Meet Rony Marwan. He has been an Open Water Diver Instructor for many years and recently celebrated his 600th dive at Bonne Terre Mine.

Rony, how did you become interested in scuba?

I grew up loving the water and wanting to be close in any way I could. It helped that my mother is from Alexandria, Egypt and we would visit various parts of the Mediterranean Sea many times. Swimming was one of the sports that I participated in throughout the years. Our family and friends would go deep sea fishing in the Red Sea so it was only natural that I start gravitating towards scuba. I became certified as a scuba diver when I turned 18 and have been diving ever since.

Why do you choose to work at Diventures? 

I believe focusing on quality, safety and an overall outstanding experience along with a collegial team approach is paramount. This is why I chose to be part of the scuba team at Diventures

Do you have any unique and recent experiences with customers to share?

It is extremely rewarding and gratifying to see someone who had doubts about being certified become comfortable in the water because of your help and teaching philosophy. I have recently certified an Open Water Diver who felt that way and now is looking forward to exploring all kinds of unique diving experiences.
I am currently working on certifying my friends to become Open Water Divers. This is a very unique and fun experience.

What are your scuba and travel goals?

My scuba goal is to help as many people as I can learn how to dive safely and enjoy the beautiful wonders of the oceans and the seas.

One of my dreams is to establish a unique in-water therapy for special needs children. Combining my experiences in life, scuba knowledge and medical expertise would make it a well-rounded program.

For travel, my goal is to lead unique Red Sea diving trips, excursions and certification vacations to share the greatness of the Red Sea and my own scuba background with friends and fellow divers. Personally, my goal is to explore and experience every unique diving opportunity that is out there.

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