baby swimming lessons

At Diventures, we believe swimming lessons save lives. That’s why we offer a range of swim lessons for children as young as two months old to adults. Each swim lesson your child takes is a building block towards a lifetime of confidence and safety. At Diventures our baby swimming lessons build upon one another to develop strong, smart swimmers who know how to keep themselves and others safe in and around the water.

Our “Baby & Me” or Baby-Beginner swim lessons are the first building block designed for children ranging from 2-months to 35-months old.

During these lessons, a parent or guardian is in the water with their baby for the entire 30-minute lesson. During each lesson, our SSI-certified swim teachers alternate between each baby and parent duo to work on basic skills. Alternating between families allows our swim teachers to have a hands-on approach with one baby at a time, while the other babies practice swim skills alongside their parent or guardian. Our swim classes are limited to four students per class to give you an ample amount of time with the teacher and on your own. 

baby swimming lessons

It can be overwhelming trying to find the right swim school for you and your baby. From our professionally trained swim teachers to our cutting-edge facilities and sanitation systems, we want you to feel comfortable and confident knowing you chose the right swim school for you and your baby. 

Certified Swim Teachers & Curriculum 

Our swim teachers are certified with the highest SSI (Swim School International) credentials. To become certified, teachers must complete hours of academic study and assessments as well as apprenticeships and a final exam.  

During our “Baby & Me” lessons, teachers focus on getting both baby and parent comfortable in the water. Some parents are nervous during the first lesson so our teachers are patient and encouraging and work with you at your own pace. 

During these 30-minute classes, parents can expect to see their infant learning to float on their back, climb out of the water, safely go underwater and become more comfortable in and around the water. 

While most babies age out of our “Baby & Me” class once they reach 35-months (about 3 years) old and transition to our Level 1-Beginner class, some babies who display confidence in the water early on will graduate to our more advanced baby swim class, Baby-Independence.

Regardless of the path your baby takes, they will develop the skills needed to become confident and safe in and around the water. And we’ll make sure they have fun while they’re developing those skills. 

State-of-the-art facilities and systems 

At Diventures, swimmers are kept warm, in and out of the water, for both their safety and comfort, creating an ideal learning environment. When students are warm and comfortable, they can use their energy to learn and develop new skills. Our custom-built Dectron HVAC systems use the warmth from the pool to heat the air in the winter, and the warmth from the air to heat the pool in the summer. 

We also combine several sanitation methods including sand filters, chlorine, and UV light to ensure our pools remain clean and safe. Our pool water also circulates completely through our filtration system every four hours to eliminate microorganisms. Plus, we both automatically control and manually check the chemical levels in our pool every four hours to ensure a safe swimming environment. 

Additional benefits to “Baby & Me” swim lessons 

Quality Bonding Time
Baby & Me” swim classes provide an excellent opportunity for parents and babies to bond through shared activities. Our classes involve songs, games and activities that promote interaction, communication and emotional connection. You can play and laugh together while also learning lifesaving skills.

During Baby & Me lessons, not only will your baby spend quality time with you, but they will also have the opportunity to interact with other babies! They’ll be able to splash and giggle alongside one another while learning life-saving skills. “Baby & Me” classes are also a fantastic way for parents to get to know one another. 

baby swimming lessons

Physical Development
In addition to the unique sensory experience that water provides babies, swimming also moves their muscles in new ways! The resistance of water against their movements strengthens their muscles and improves motor skills. Babies use their gross motor skills when performing the motions required to climb out of the pool and they use their fine motor skills when grabbing and playing with our water toys. Whether it’s filling cups with water, splashing around, or throwing a ball, you can be sure that your baby’s brain is forming new connections.

Water Safety Awareness
Babies and toddlers are more at risk of drowning because they are both curious and mobile, but typically don’t understand the danger of water. Getting your baby in swim lessons early provides more opportunities for them to become comfortable in the water while also comprehending the possible dangers of water. 

baby swimming lessons

Improved Coordination and Balance
Coordinated movement is necessary for a baby’s development. During swim lessons, babies practice coordination when learning skills like kicking. They also practice balancing when performing skills like the back float. 

Aids Sleeping and Eating Patterns
Having fun in the pool takes a lot of energy out of babies. The physical activity and stimulation during swim classes can contribute to better sleep patterns and increased appetite in young children. The combination of exercise and water’s soothing effects can promote healthy sleeping and eating habits helping establish routines.  This is a win for both you and your baby! 

baby swimming lessons

Still not sure if “Baby & Me” swim lessons at Diventures is right for you? Sign up for a FREE trial swim lesson to meet our teachers and learn more about our facility – with no commitment! You and your baby will have the opportunity to get in the water with one of our certified teachers for a 30-minute lesson to gauge your baby’s skills and develop a personalized swim plan for them. 

Swimming isn’t just something you try once. Knowing how to swim properly is an essential lifelong skill that will keep your child safe in the water. So, take advantage of this free trial swim lesson and give your child the gift of swimming they’ll appreciate their entire lives. 

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