Our swim teachers work hard to ensure their students learn the skills and techniques needed to swim safely. Once their students level up they usually aren’t a part of the rest of their swim journey. But thanks to Flo Palmer, two of our teachers can see the final outcome of their hard work.

Flo Palmer, mother to Nolan and Lydia Palmer, recently sent a note to our store manager in Omaha, sharing the progress her son had made thanks to the teachers at Diventures. Here’s what her note said:

I wanted to say thank you to Mr. Garret and Mr. Scotty.

Both of them taught my kids, Nolan Palmer and Lydia Palmer, during 2020-2021. We only left Diventures when Nolan felt he was ready to try out for the swim team (Sarpy County Swim Club) in August 2021, and he made it!

I wanted to share the progress Nolan has made. All of their hard work has really built the foundation for his swimming skills and techniques.  He has grown into a passion for swimming.  This weekend, he made championship cut times for both the 50-meter backstroke and 100-meter backstroke. He will be competing at the Midwestern Championships next weekend!  This truly could not have happened without all of the hours Mr. Scotty and Mr. Garret put into teaching Nolan. I could tell they both have a knack for working with kids.

Even when Mr. Scotty wasn’t officially teaching my kids, he would still frequently help give them pointers (I imagine he was supposed to be on break, but still took the time to help them out while he was around the pool).  Mr. Garret spent months working with Nolan on his flip turns. I remember Nolan getting frustrated when he wasn’t getting it and all of his other classmates leveled up. In the end, he was the only person left in his class.  But it was well worth it because his flip turns are beautiful now!

Mr. Scotty Scott

Mr. Garret Hunter

Lydia just started swim team this summer, so she’s just getting her feet wet, but I can tell she loves it. Thank you again to Mr. Garret and Mr. Scotty for teaching her all the fundamentals!

Please pass this along to them. I want to make sure they know they definitely DO make a difference, we appreciate them and the skills they teach stick with their swimmers long after they have left!

Flo Palmer 


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