Diventures commitment to safety and fun in the water extends beyond our classes. We strive to build passion and awareness for swim and scuba within the community across education, research and conservation.

In line with this mission, Diventures was honored to host Dr. Brylske in Omaha to meet in-person and virtually with Diventures leadership and Dive Pros. Dr. Brylske is a renowned marine and diving educator, passionate about creating connections to our ocean ecosystems. Dr. Brylske held two sessions – one presenting the history, current and future state of the diving industry and the other on the importance of inspiring dive students and professionals to appreciate the environments where they’re diving.

Alex Brylske
Alex Brylske

Dr. Alex Brylske presenting at Diventures Omaha.

Dr. Brylske has over 40 years of diving and marine education experience. His career has taken him to dive destinations all around the world where he has worked in the private sector, governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations. Dr. Brylske’s diverse background and understanding of the dive tourism industry led him to start Ocean Education International (OEI), a consulting firm focused on environmental education and professional development services for the marine tourism industry, specializing in the recreational dive sector. Its mission is to assist the marine tourism industry to maximize profitability through increased environmental awareness and social responsibility. Dr. Brylske hopes to make tourism an important and positive force in ocean conservation. 

alex brylske

For over 20 years Dr. Brylske served as the Senior Editor of Dive Training magazine and had over 300 feature articles on subjects ranging from environmental issues to diving safety. He has co-authored over a dozen books and manuals and his latest book, The Complete Diver: The History, Science and Practice of Scuba Diving, was released in 2012. His extensive background in marine tourism is evident in his interview with the Blue Ocean Network where he shines a light on the challenges facing tourism and ocean resource management.  

Alex Brylske

The Complete Diver was released in 2012.

Throughout his sessions, Dr. Brylske stressed the importance of helping students understand ways they can positively impact coral reefs and the ocean’s ecosystem. Many people learning to scuba dive aren’t thinking about a possible career in the industry; they want to have an experience. If students understand the environments and ecosystems where they are diving and how to do so sustainably, they are likely to continue for many years to come. Our goal as dive educators is to inspire a curiosity in others that leads to a lifelong enjoyment of scuba diving. 

Dr. Brylske ended his time in Omaha with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, learning about their conservation efforts and education programs. Of unique interest to Dr. Brylske was seeing a bonnethead shark, well-known for its unique birth through parthenogenesis. Both he and the Diventures team watched the zookeepers perform their bi-weekly feeding of the various species of sharks who reside in the shark tank. 

Alex Brylske

Dr. Brylske and the Diventures team watched the zookeepers perform their bi-weekly feeding.

Diventures operates with a sustainable mindset through our vision, mission and values. We strive to use our passion and the power of water to impact lives and change the world. We want our divers to know that we are serious about creating a socially responsible dive community, and one where everyone feels confident and safe in the water.  

Diventures is the official Ocean Health Conservation & Education partner with the Omaha Zoo, supporting various conservation projects including: 

  • Coral research, conservation and restoration through the Zoo’s partnership with SECORE International 
  • Ocean and freshwater policy, conservation and awareness by supporting the Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP) 
  • Community education and engagement through the Ocean Health Conservation Program 
  • Funding the Conservation Education Coordinator at the Zoo 
  • Financially supporting the recently opened sea lion exhibit
Alex Brylske

Owen Sea Lion Shores opened in early fall of 2020.

At Diventures, we encourage all of our swimmers and divers to take actions that positively impact our aquatic environments. Here are ways you can help in your home, around town, and on the water. 

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