National Tourism Day is celebrated annually on May 7th to raise awareness about the importance of tourism and its contributions to the economy. The tourism industry generates significant revenue and job opportunities, and it plays a crucial role in supporting local businesses and communities. One activity that is becoming increasingly popular among tourists and locals alike is scuba diving.

Several benefits have been associated with scuba diving including improving mental health and physical health. However, the benefits of scuba diving extend beyond the personal level. Dive tourism can be a significant driver of economic growth for local communities. For example, diving tourism creates jobs for locals in various industries including tourism, hospitality, and diving equipment. This influx of tourist revenue also leads to the development of new businesses such as dive shops, restaurants, and hotels.

Tourism from diving also provides opportunities for environmental conservation efforts. Diving enthusiasts often become advocates for marine conservation and work to protect the underwater world. By raising awareness about environmental issues, diving tourism can contribute to the preservation of natural resources and the protection of marine life.

Traveling with Diventures has always been about providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences and adventures for our customers. But it’s also about our values and using our passions for – and the power of – the water to positively impact lives and change the world. Diventures values building lasting relationships, creating lasting memories, supporting conservation, and creating opportunities with local organizations, just to name a few!

“The point is everybody wins. The local community wins, because Diventures customers support local resorts, restaurants, bars, shops, businesses and dive operators. The dive crew wins, as they rely heavily on tips and gratuities. Our customers win because the entire local economy realize how important and appreciated they are, so they are treated like family when visiting.”

“COVID made this particularly apparent. For example, Diventures was the last group in Grand Turk before COVID hit and was the first group back to Grand Turk when travel was reinstated. The locals in Grand Turk waved at us in the street and welcomed us back. In St. Lucia, some locals cried when Diventures returned, because if it wasn’t for Diventures, those locals wouldn’t have been able to feed their families,” said Dean Hollis, Founder of Diventures. For a more in depth look at how Diventures impacts St. Lucia, watch this video produced by Scuba St. Lucia.

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Another example of Diventures’ impact on local communities is through the support of Guanaja, Honduras after a devastating fire in 2021. Diventures’ relationship with the island is far deeper than just a place to take a holiday. For years, Diventures has rented out the entire villa on Dunbar Rock for their scuba diving travels, and many of the people who live in Guanaja work at the villa. The Caribbean resort island is dependent on tourism. The groups that travel with Diventures and its employees have come to think of the workers in Guanaja as part of an extended family. To see how else Diventures has impacted local communities, visit the Diventures YouTube channel to view the “Divers Supporting Divers” episodes.

Overall, scuba diving is a popular activity that can provide personal benefits and support local economies. By promoting sustainable tourism practices and protecting the marine environment, scuba diving tourism can have a positive impact on both tourists and local communities. On National Tourism Day, let us recognize the value of tourism and the role it plays in supporting communities around the world. Join Diventures for your travels this year and immerse yourself in an experience that not only celebrates the breathtaking wonders of our underwater world but also supports island economies!


Ready to travel with our experienced and professional scuba diving trip leaders? Diventures offers scuba diving trips around the world with the planning already done for you from airfare to resort accommodations. Before you go, you can also take scuba diving training courses at a Diventures location near you!

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