Exciting news for our swim students! To continue living our mission of furthering ocean health education and conservation in our community, Diventures is proud to announce the launch of our kid’s ecology program for swim students and their families in January 2023! Each 45-minute session covers a range of marine, ocean health and conservation topics over the course of 12 months. The class includes a 20-30 minute child-friendly presentation followed by a 15-20 minute activity reinforcing the topic. Coloring sheets coinciding with the class topic are offered for children to work on during the presentation. 

Here is what is in store for our swim students in 2023! 

January – All About Marine Mammals  

February – The Arctic and Southern Ocean  

March – All About Cephalopods (octopus, squid, cuttlefish, etc)  

April – All About Coral Reefs  

May – All About Turtles  

June – All About Oceans  

July – All About Sharks  

August – Freshwater Ecology  

September – All About Fish  

October – The Pacific Ocean  

November – All About Invertebrates (jellyfish, starfish, nudibranchs, etc)   

December – Marine Ecology  

Many of our topics align with calendar seasonality such as World Oceans Day in June and Shark Week in July. 


These presentations are best for students ages 3-12 years old, but all ages are welcome. Each swim location may have different dates and times for each session so call your store for details and register with a Diventures Team Member! 

  • Omaha: 402.933.6251 
  • North Liberty: 319.665.2741 
  • Springfield: 417.883.5151 
  • Fitchburg & Sun Prairie: 608.830.9800 

The three-month pilot program at the Omaha, NE location was successful with ecology classes on the topics of oceans, sharks and marine ecology. The program will launch for all swim locations in January 2023. We are excited to provide this special program on top of our regularly scheduled swim lessons to all swim families! 

We want to teach kids why these topics are important and encourage them to practice environmentally friendly habits each day. This reflects value #8 – We are positive advocates for the health of our oceans and waterways. We hope these ecology courses encourage children to keep exploring the underwater world. Contact your local Diventures today for more details! 


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