Halloween is right around the corner so here are eight ocean-themed Halloween costume ideas for our ocean-loving students!

1. Scuba Diver

Griffen at Diventures in North Liberty shows how easy and cute a scuba diver costume can be. The biggest challenge? Drink two 2-liters of soda for the cylinders! Add a pacifier with a ribbon attached to the cylinders to substitute for the regulator.

Learn how to create your child’s personalized scuba diver costume here.


2. Sea Urchin

A fan favorite at Diventures in Sun Prairie is the sea urchin costume. It’s cute and clever and we can almost guarantee your costume will be one-of-a-kind.


3. Shark

Landry-Shark at Diventures in Springfield is chomping at the bit to get his fins on candy this Halloween. This costume is perfect for those with little time to create something from scratch, and it’s easy to put on and take off. Add matching shark slippers like Landry to complete the look.


4. Octopus

If you’re crafty and on a budget, then an octopus is the perfect costume. Have your child pick their favorite color and get to stuffing! Plus, they’ll be extra warm with their matching beanie.

Learn how to recreate this look from the experts here.


5. Sea Turtle

Do you love to sew? Download this adorable sea turtle pattern from Scratch and Stitch.


6. Jellyfish

This easy and inexpensive jellyfish hat will be the talk of the neighborhood. It will add warmth and is runway ready. Plus, your child will be easy to spot in the crowds of children.

Learn how to make it here.


7. Baby Mermaid

Don’t know how to sew? No problem. This DIY mermaid costume doesn’t require any needles and thread and will look like you bought it brand new. While it’s super cute, a bonus is the warmth it will provide your baby.


8. Coral Reef

At Diventures, we are all about ocean health and conservation. And nothing says “I love the ocean” more than a walking coral reef. This costume is a bit more hands-on than others, but it is the perfect activity for families who love our oceans and want to promote the beauty of the reefs.

Get step by step instructions here.

If you use any of these ideas for your child’s costume, share your photos with us on Instagram or Facebook! @Diventures

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