Searching for your next dive adventure? Look no further. At the coast of Belize lies the Mesoamerican reef, the largest reef in the Western Hemisphere. It is home to hundreds of species of fish and sharks and is covered in colorful coral and sponges. On land is just as beautiful. Sacred temples and pyramids of Mayan ruins are surrounded by lush green rainforests—you’ll feel like you’re in a movie!

If that hasn’t convinced you, here are the top 10 reasons from Diventures Dive Pros why Belize should be your next dive destination.

1. The Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole is rated one of the top diver destinations in the world. It’s approximately 60 miles from Belize City and is located near the center of Lighthouse Reef. Around 400 ft. deep and 1,000 ft. wide, it is the largest natural formation of its kind. Divers feel a rush as they dive into the deep blue waters with excitement on what they might discover.

great blue hole

Photo credit: Turneffe Beach Resort


Photo credit: Erin White

2. Marine Life

Divemaster Instructor Nolan Hardison says, “The marine life is extensively abundant with colorful hard and soft corals. There are many varieties of reef fish, open water schooling fish, sharks, rays and dolphins.” Hawksbill turtles and manatees are also commonly found on the reef.

queen angelfish

Queen angelfish

mesoamerican reef

Mesoamerican Reef

3. Blue Water Clarity

All our Dive Pros agree that the waters in Belize are clear blue and beautiful! Its 450 cayes all offer incredible views from the shore and underwater, with the most popular and biggest caye being Ambergris Caye.


4. Above-water Activities

Surface intervals have never been more fun. We suggest taking time above water to go cave tubing, explore the island by golf cart or hike the observation tower at Half Moon Caye. And, if you’re a history buff, you’ll want to visit one of the hundreds of Mayan ruins in the country.


Photo credit: Erika Roberts


Photo credit: Middleton

5. The Resorts

The resorts in Belize only add to the beauty of the islands, and one of our favorites is Turneffe Island Resort. It sits on the island of Little Caye Bokel right next to the Turneffe Atoll. Our Merchandising Director and Open Water Diver Instructor Erin White agrees.

“Imagine waking up to the sounds of the waves gently rolling, the sunrise coming through your airy windows, and fresh coffee delivered to your doorstep, every morning… That is the starting point of the 5-star experience you will get at Turneffe. The staff knew my name from my first step onto their boat. They catered to my every need and the diving was fantastic! Dolphins, and manatees, and sharks… Oh my! Can you fall in love in a week? I did… with this place.”

Coming October of 2023 Diventures will be traveling to Turneffe again. Click here to view all trips.

turneffe island resort
turneffe island resort

6. Budget Friendly and Easily Accessible

One perk of Belize is that it is budget-friendly and easy to travel to. Since it is in northern Central America, it’s an easy two-hour flight from the U.S.

“That’s one reason Belize is a great spot for a ‘Mini Vacation’, says our Travel Program Director and Divemaster Megan Oswald. “You don’t want to waste your time traveling when you only have a few days for vacation.”

Diventures offers Mini Vacations to Belize for people who want to travel but don’t have enough time for a week-long vacation. Our next Mini Vacation is December 2022. See all our trips here.

7. Enchanting Nightlife

There is plenty to do after your night dives. Megan loves San Pedro for great restaurants and nightlife. It’s easy to stroll the town by foot or golf cart, searching for delicious and authentic restaurants and bars. A favorite for Diventures is the Blue Water Grill.


Blue Water Grill
Photo credit: Dave Dietz

8. People and Culture

Nolan especially enjoys the native people and culture of Belize. “The people add to the beauty of the country. They are warm and welcoming.” You’ll find the islands relaxed and easy going making for a perfect holiday.

There are three languages commonly spoken in Belize. English is the official language, but many Belizeans also speak Spanish and Creole. Their culture and cuisines are a combination of Caribbean, Hispanic and Creole/French.


Photo credit: Middleton

9. Easy Diving

Belize waters are clear blue and warm which makes them perfect for beginning divers. You’ll see a variety of colorful fish, vibrant coral and sponges and reef sharks. Shallow reefs start around 20-40 ft. deep, and there is very little drift diving.


10. Belize Aggressor IV

To reach dive sites not accessible from land, a liveaboard is the way to go. We travel with the Belize Aggressor IV liveaboard—a 138 ft. yacht with all the amenities of a regular resort, but it can sail to reefs that are untouched by most divers. Our Dive Pros prefer liveaboards when they have smaller groups who want to dive all day long.

Diventures will be traveling on the Belize Aggressor IV in June of 2023. View all our trips here.

belize aggressor iv

Photo credit: Aggressor Adventures

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