Divers around the world are coming back to the surface with good news.
“It’s an unprecedented time to dive!”

An Unprecedented Time to Dive. Diventures_Diver_Openarms

“The water is clear, the wildlife is abundant and calm, and the reefs are healthier. The ocean is open!”

An unprecedented time to dive

You and I are starting to hear from friends and colleagues coming back from recent dive experiences. The message they carry for us when they hit the surface is good news. “Unprecedented whale sightings, abundant marine life, and clear water are waiting for you!”

Take advantage of this historic time for diving and go! This unique moment in history is the perfect time to pack up your mask and fins and head for the ocean this summer. The seas and shores are bustling with happier and more abundant marine life.

Diventures Travel group in St. Lucia

Take advantage of this unprecedented time to dive and jump it!

The year of quiet

Covid-19 drastically decreased shipping, tourism, recreation, fishing, and other human activities that disrupt marine life, ocean, and coastal habitats. It is such a unique time in maritime history that ocean scientists are dubbing it, “The Year of Quiet.”

Sea creatures communicate, hunt, and breed easier because of quieter waters. Oceanic noise caused by humans (anthropogenic noise) can disrupt the marine ecology from zooplankton to whales. Less tourism is clearing up waterways and decreasing disruptions to marine habitats. This year’s reprieve made a big impact on the oceanic environment, wildlife and fauna. 

The scientific world responds

Around the world, marine biologists and ocean scientists are leaping into action to note the marked changes. The International Quiet Ocean Experiment (IQOE) is connecting a network of up to five hundred underwater microphones (hydrophones) to eavesdrop on the calls and chatter of marine life without the excessive sound of human activity masking their communication. The scientific community will reap a wealth of information on our beautiful blue planet because of this unprecedented time to dive.

Numerous Diventures divers are noting how phenomenal their diving experiences are while the world is still relatively quiet. As part of our passion for the oceans, Diventures supports conservation programs and is a world-leader in advocating scuba diving.

Ocean scientists like Ari Friedlaender, from the Institute of Marine Sciences at UC Santa Cruz, are leading the way with the National Science Foundation to show how decreased human sound levels reduce stress levels in whales off the western coast of the United States.

Thousands of miles away on the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere along the diving bucket list location of Belize, Dr. Robert Griffen with NASA  is studying the effect reduced tourism has on the coral reef and marine habitat.

The Great Blue Hole in Belize

Belize is a bucket list for most divers because of the incredible reef and marine life.

The list of key scientists jumping in to observe and study this remarkable time in maritime history is extensive.

Diving is excellent around the world

African Ocean Safari. An Unprecedented Time to Dive.

An ocean safari in Tofu, Mozambique. It’s time to have an adventure!”

One silver lining to the covid cloud is that travel bans returned many of our travel locations to a time before they were popular destinations. It’s very peaceful and calm. Hotels and dive boats are quiet, clean, and spacious. Diving is peaceful, and groups are just the right size to balance safety and fun.” states Megan Oswald, Diventures Travel Director.

Along with the tranquility, the restrictions made a positive impact on the reefs. Oswald adds, “Dives have been incredible. There is vibrant wildlife, the reefs are healthy, and it is so good to be back in the water!”

From the humpback whales migrating through Grand Turk to Fiji’s enchanted waters, divers and the scientific community are experiencing unprecedented dive and coastal travel experiences now.

Diventures Diver with a green sea turtle

Diventures traveler exploring the underwater world with green turtle friends.

Fiji’s legendary waters are home to five of the seven types of sea turtles, three of which nest on its shores. Now, the much-beloved green, leather, and hawksbill hatchlings are making safer moonlit dashes from their nests to their ocean home with less human activity. One of the many joys of diving in Fiji is the diverse marine life and turtle population beloved by the Fijians.

Off the coast of Mozambique, an ocean safari is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to see marine life typically bombarded with human noise. The waters here are rich in marine megafauna species, including dolphins, sharks, whales, whale sharks, manta rays, and turtles. This quieting of the ocean is a reprieve for these majestic marine creatures.

The diving is incredible, but is it safe to travel? 

Diventures has traveled safely with hundreds of scuba divers to open destinations since the bans began to lift. Travelers must get a covid test before traveling and are able to stay safe by following local safety protocols. Another covid test is administered before returning home. Diving with Diventures allows you to enjoy your experience while professional and trained staff take care of all the coordinating all the details and paperwork.

Take advantage of this unprecedented time to dive and jump it!

“Diventures made everything happen flawlessly for my week in Grand Turk! Diving, completing my deep certification course, and the amazing experience of snorkeling with humpback whales were just a few highlights! They kept me in the know every step of the way regarding covid testing and registration requirements, even setting up testing for the trip back into the United States. Knowing I was with a group of people who tested negative for covid pre-trip and before returning was a great comfort. Also, the mask requirements and cleaning protocols for the airlines and resort reassured me of my safety throughout the trip!”

What a remarkable time to finally leave our shuttered homes to find adventure, peace, and the incredible joy of connecting with others and our blue planet as global travel begins to open up again.


You’ve dreamed of traveling over the past year. Now is one of the most unique diving times in history. It’s time time to go! There will never be a better time to explore our blue planet. And, with Diventures, you can be assured that all the details and paperwork are handled for you so that you can take in the unprecedented beauty and majesty of the underwater world.

An Unprecedented Time to Dive. St. Lucia.

Diventures can help you travel with ease to world class scuba destinations worldwide.

Traveling with a company like Diventures allows you to relax and enjoy your experience, knowing that there is someone wonderful looking out for you, and making sure you have what you need. If you’d like more information on traveling safely with covid, please read Travel Update

Go explore and experience our beautiful blue planet. Find your adventure during this unprecedented time to dive by clicking the button below!

“The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat.”- Jacques Cousteau