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Is it better to buy scuba diving gear online or at your local dive shop?

There’s no denying that online shopping has tremendous advantages and Amazon has transformed the retail industry. But for certain types of purchases, such as scuba diving gear, the benefits of online shopping don’t outweigh the assurances, personal services, and value-added amenities you get from a trip to your local dive shop.
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Four reasons why it’s better to own than rent your scuba diving equipment

Like many own-versus-rent decisions, the choice you make about your scuba diving equipment depends on several factors unique to you. Renting for sure has its place, particularly for new or novice divers dipping their toes in the water, or for the occasional underwater adventurer that dives very infrequently. For those divers that are committed to lifelong scuba adventures and that diver regularly, there are four good arguments for investing in y our own scuba diving equipment.
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Access to expertise and top diving gear is essential as you learn to dive

If you want to learn to dive, there are two “pillars” that make for a great scuba experience as you’re going through certification, or even furthering your skills and talents with specialty courses. The first pillar to consider as you learn to dive is access to expertise. The other pillar that’s vital as you learn to dive is access to the top gear made by premier manufacturers and vetted for quality and safety.
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Meet the Fullers

Growing up in northern Indiana, Joe and Angie Fuller both had families with lake cottages and pools, and were constantly on the go swimming, skiing, snorkeling and enjoying time on Lake Michigan. Angie’s dad was a Navy diver during Vietnam, Joe had always wanted to learn to dive, and so when the opportunity to dive in Aruba came up, they both said yes (although both with a little nervousness!).
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Diventures joins ‘World’s Largest Swim Lesson” event on June 20th

On Thursday, June 20th, 2019, Diventures will participate in a global event to promote swim safety through swim lessons. Tens of thousands of kids and adults at aquatic facilities around the world will unite for the tenth year in a row to make noise that Swimming Lessons Save Lives™ through coordinated swim lesson events on that day. Diventures will be offering free 30-minute swim lessons at our Omaha, Springfield, Fitchburg, and Sun Prairie locations.
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