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Diving With Sharks: A Responsible Approach

Speaker: Cristina Zenato
Online presentation:
July 25, 1-2 pm CT

During her presentation, Cristina will take you on a deep dive and show you how to find shark encounters, showing different options, explain how to prepare for the trip, and how to prepare for the encounter in the water through a series of rules she created and personally follows for her own trips to encounter sharks and to train people.

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Women’s Dive Day 2020

Springfield: Friday, July 17, 6-9 pm
North Liberty: Saturday, July 18, 4-8 pm
Saturday, July 18, 1-5 pm

Grab a friend and join our Women’s Dive Day celebration! An exclusive ladies-only night in and out of the water, including a Try Scuba/pool dive, a craft, snacks, and beverages. Space is limited and reservations are required.

Springfield North Liberty  Omaha

Family Shark Swim

North Liberty: Saturday, August 1, noon-5 pm
Saturday, August 1, 1-5 pm 
Saturday, August 8, noon-5 pm

Join us for a complimentary members-only, one-hour family swim session in our (toy) shark-filled pool! Be sure to snap a photo in our shark-mouth photo booth and check out the outdoor shark scavenger hunt. Space is limited and reservations are required.

North Liberty  Springfield  Omaha

Diving in the Era of COVID-19

Speaker: Doug Ebersole
Online presentation:
Wednesday, August 19, 5-6 pm CT

Dr. Douglas Ebersole, a cardiology consultant to Divers Alert Network who contracted and has recovered from COVID-19, will provide an overview of the presentation and pathophysiology of the virus and its complications as well as discussing ways the diving industry will need to change in terms of disinfecting gear, providing safe dive training, and assuring a safe environment for crew and customers on dive charters.

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