Our Aqua Team was in the pool lately talking to our fantastic swim students while they were floating, windmilling, and practicing knee, knee, elbow, elbow, tummy!

They were on a mission to discover what our students like best about swim lessons, and they found out the super top-secret favorite part of swim lessons. Read to the bottom of the list to find out what it is!


#10 It’s fun to see the store!
#9 Learning new things!
#8 The warm blue pool
#7 Talking to my mommy before class about swimming!
#6 Getting better is a tie with “jumping in”!
#5 When it’s my turn!
#4 Seeing my mom watch me and when she smiles!
#3 My dad’s high-fives after class
#2 My swim teacher!
#1 When my mom and dad tell me they’re proud of me.


You are your child’s most favorite part about swim lessons.
They cherish the time and the positive attention that can happen during swim class. What a win because they are also learning life-long skills that open doors to adventure and keep them safe!
Can’t make it to your child’s swim lessons? No problem! They’ll love to tell you all about it and maybe even show you some of their new skills in the tub!
Thank you for entrusting your precious kiddos to our team. The water is our passion, and we are dedicated to helping children stay safe in and around the water. But, none of this would be possible without the loving parents and caretakers who bring them to swim class. So, thank you for being your child’s favorite part of swim lessons!


Your child's mos stop-secret favorite thing about swim
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Help your child level up in their passport to adventure

Help your child level up in their Passport to Adventure!

Setting healthy goals while learning life-saving skills! Continuing swim lessons sets your child up for future success!