Try Scuba for Valentines

A Valentine Date to Remember!

Ready to try something different for a date night or fun night out with friends for Valentines? Forget the crowded restaurants and chasing down reservations; take your sweetie to blow off some bubbles!

Please don’t take our word for it, though. Instead, listen to what Dustin and Mendy Médlåm had to say about their Date Night Try Scuba.

“This was such a fun time! I have been telling Mendy for years that I want to learn to dive together, so we can go when we’re on vacation. Mendy booked the Try Scuba as an anniversary gift.

Our instructor was very personable and informative. He explained everything in plain language, and it was easy to understand. As a result, we felt comfortable with any inherent dangers and actions to take should any situations arise. We learned how to assemble our dive gear through explanations and demonstrations of what we were using and the skills we were learning.

Once we were in the water, we learned how to get our gear on, and then it was the baby steps of diving. Getting comfortable with how the regulator works and feels, putting your face in the water, and feeling what it’s like to breathe in the water. Then down to the knees and making sure our masks were fitting okay. We had a ball!

Then we started learning vital survival and safety skills— how to find your regulator if you drop it, how to clear your masks of water. Once we had the basics down, we swam around the shallow end and to get used to moving through the water. Then we were off to the deep end. It was such a fun thing to do together.

We learned to descend, clear, and equalize the pressures in our ears and mask. Then, once we were 14 feet down at the bottom, we played with proper buoyancy, swam around, and had fun with rolls and flips. What a blast of a date!

It was an amazing experience, and we got a great photo! I already wanted to learn scuba before this, but now I’m charged up to continue to actual training to certify for open water diving. I can’t recommend this enough for a date night!

Take your honey out and Try Scuba!

Valentine’s with Diventures Try Scuba!