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Yap is a remote island nation in the Western Pacific that offers a unique and authentic travel experience. Known for its traditional culture and customs, Yap offers visitors a chance to witness a way of life that has remained largely unchanged for centuries, such as traditional ceremonies. 

Besides the rich culture, Yap is home to some of the best diving in the world. The island’s clear waters are home to an abundance of marine life, including manta rays, reef sharks and colorful coral gardens. Visitors can also explore the island’s stone money banks, where large, circular stone discs serve as a form of currency and are a symbol of the island’s cultural heritage. 

Overall, Yap is a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic cultural experience and world-class diving in a remote and unspoiled setting. 

What To Expect

Scuba Diving

The main attraction of diving in Yap is the chance to see manta rays. The manta rays can be seen in waters as shallow as 30 feet. The resident manta ray population can be found year-round at cleaning stations.

Divers can also explore coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life, swim with reef sharks and dive on World War II-era wrecks. The clear water and excellent visibility along with the remote location ensures that the diving remains largely unspoiled by mass tourism. 

You might see:

  • Manta rays
  • Sea turtles
  • Grey reef sharks
  • White tip reef sharks
  • Eagle rays
  • Nudibranchs
  • Black tip reef sharks
  • Groupers

Recommended Specialty Courses

  • Wreck diving
  • Deep diving
  • Manta & ray ecology
  • Boat diving

Conservation Efforts

Manta Ray Bay Resort offers kayak tours where guests can kayak through mangroves and learn about the importance of mangrove ecosystems, one of the most important marine habitats. You’ll be one with nature while enjoying a variety of species, many endemic to the island of Yap.


Yap Divers

Yap Divers is a full-service facility with modern boats, rental gear, dive shop, Nitrox, camera bays, gear rinse and storage. They are the most convenient land-based dive operation in Micronesia with their private, onsite boat dock. They dive all sites around Yap on a daily basis with up to five dives per day offered to our guests.


Manta Ray Bay Resort

Manta Ray Bay Resort is a small, family-owned, luxury hotel – operating since 1986. Serving only 1,000 divers a year, they offer guests crowd-free dive sites and VIP service, spa treatments, home-brewed beer and a unique bar/dining experience onboard their 100+-year-old Indonesian Schooner, The Mnuw, moored in front of the resort.



Yap is an island in the western Pacific Ocean that is known for its unique cultural practices, such as the use of stone money as a traditional form of currency. The people of Yap have a strong sense of community and social hierarchy, with leadership roles determined by lineage and age. Traditional activities include fishing, farming and weaving. Important cultural events are celebrated with dancing and music. Many traditional beliefs and practices continue to be upheld and passed down through generations.   


Check Out the Unique Currency

Yap is a unique island for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons being their currency. While exploring Yap, visitors may spot large stone discs that have a hole in the middle. These aren’t random stones that just appeared, but instead the currency that is used. This stone money is called “Rai” and it is must-see for visitors. 


Vertigo Dive Site

Divers who love sharks will want to dive a site called Vertigo. The site is home to schools of grey and blacktip reef sharks. The sharks are known for being curious and getting close to divers, making it a great site for underwater photography. Divers can also find grouper, snapper and moray eels. 


 Yap Caverns Dive Site

The Yap Caverns are a dive site located on the southernmost tip of the island. Divers can find interesting topography, lots of diversity and fun swim throughs. There is a variety of macro creatures that can be found here, including nudibranch, Porcelain crabs, scorpion fish and flame angels. Other wildlife that can be found includes sharks, eels and bump head parrotfish. 

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“If anyone is into diving or thinking about getting into diving, Diventures is the absolute best! They make learning and travel so enjoyable! Can’t wait for my next trip with Diventures!”

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Know Before You Go

Dive Insurance

Dive insurance is required on all Diventures trips. We recommen purchasing DAN dive insurance.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not required but is highly recommended for all Diventures trips. We recommend purchasing DAN trip insurance.


There are no adapters required. If you’re visiting from the States, you won’t need to worry about an adapter for your cell phone or computer.  


Although stone currency known as “Rai” is used in parts of Yap, the United States Dollar (USD) and credit cards are also accepted.


Air temperature usually varies between 77º – 88ºF. Water temperature is around 84ºF.


Passport must be valid at least 6 months beyond the dates of your trip.


The official language of Yap is Yapese but English is also widely used.

Dress Code

There is no formal dress in Yap, so dress casual and be comfortable. Women should cover their thighs with loose slacks, long shorts or skirts. While acceptable in western cultures, a woman’s thighs must be covered in Yap.


Tap water is not safe to drink. You should only use boiled or bottled water and avoid iced drinks.

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