St. Croix

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St. Croix

St. Croix is one of the three main islands of the United States Virgin Islands (USVI), located in the Caribbean Sea. St. Croix is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters and unique blend of Caribbean and Danish cultures.

St. Croix is also home to a diverse range of attractions, including historic landmarks like the Christiansted National Historic Site and the Buck Island Reef National Monument, as well as numerous opportunities for outdoor activities like snorkeling, diving and hiking. The island is also known for its lively arts and music scenes, as well as delicious cuisine, which features a mix of African, European and Caribbean flavors.

Overall, St. Croix is a unique and beautiful destination that offers a mix of history, culture and natural beauty to visitors from around the world.

What To Expect

Scuba Diving

St. Croix is known for its exceptional scuba diving opportunities, with crystal-clear waters and a diverse array of marine life. The island boasts over 50 dive sites, including coral reefs, shipwrecks and underwater caves. Some of the most popular sites include Frederiksted Pier, the Salt River Canyon and the Cane Bay Wall.

Divers of all skill levels can find something to suit their interests, with options ranging from shallow, easy dives to deep, challenging ones. With its warm waters, stunning underwater scenery and abundant marine life, scuba diving is a must-do activity for anyone visiting St. Croix.

You might see:

  • Seahorses
  • Octopus
  • Dolphins
  • Nurse sharks
  • Eagle rays
  • Whale sharks
  • Manta rays
  • Eels
  • Sea turtles

Recommended Specialty Courses

  • Wreck diving
  • Deep diving
  • Fish identification
  • Photo & video
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Cane Bay Dive Shop

Cane Bay Dive Shop is great for divers of all levels and provides an unforgettable experience. The mission of Cane Bay Dive Shop is to share passion and enthusiasm for all levels of scuba diving through extensive training, instruction and certification. Their purpose is to inspire, mentor and develop new divers and encourage certified divers to remain active.

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Cottages by the Sea

Cottages by the Sea definitely works on “island time” and they embrace the slow, old world, quiet and relaxing atmosphere that they have worked for decades to maintain. Their unique property is the perfect beach destination for those who are looking to completely unwind, relax and experience what an authentic Caribbean vacation is supposed to be. Their magical, beachfront destination has long been a place where guests look forward to coming back to year after year. 

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The culture of St. Croix is a unique blend of African, European and Caribbean influences. The people of St. Croix are known for their warm hospitality, vibrant music, dance traditions and delicious local cuisine. Visitors to St. Croix can experience this rich cultural heritage through local festivals, music and dance performances and visits to historic sites.   

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Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Reserve

Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Reserve is a protected area that was established in 1992 to preserve the cultural and ecological significance of the site. The park features several historic sites, including the only known site where Christopher Columbus set foot in the present-day United States, as well as ecological resources like mangrove forests, seagrass beds and coral reefs. Visitors can explore the park’s historical and natural features through guided tours, kayaking and snorkeling, and learn about the area’s rich cultural and ecological heritage.

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Buck Island Reef National Monument

Buck Island Reef National Monument is a protected area established in 1961 to preserve one of the best marine gardens in the Caribbean Sea. The monument encompasses an island and the surrounding coral reef ecosystem. Visitors can explore the island’s beaches and hiking trails, as well as snorkel and scuba dive in the clear turquoise waters. The monument offers educational programs and volunteer opportunities for those interested in learning more about marine conservation and ecosystem preservation. 

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Cane Bay Wall Dive Site

For one of the best wall dives, head to Cane Bay Wall. Although this wall starts at around 40 feet, it drops to over 13,000 feet. It’s known for this steep drop-off and abundance of marine life, including colorful corals, nurse and reef sharks, schools of fish, sea turtles and more! 

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“If anyone is into diving or thinking about getting into diving, Diventures is the absolute best! They make learning and travel so enjoyable! Can’t wait for my next trip with Diventures!”

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Know Before You Go

Dive Insurance

Dive insurance is required on all Diventures trips. We recommen purchasing DAN dive insurance.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not required but is highly recommended for all Diventures trips. We recommend purchasing DAN trip insurance.


There are no adapters required. If you’re visiting from the States, you won’t need to worry about an adapter for your cell phone or computer.  


The currency in St. Croix is the United States dollar (USD).


Air temperature usually varies between 73º-88ºF. Water temperature is around 82ºF.


Passport must be valid at least 6 months beyond the dates of your trip.


The official language of St. Croix is English.

Dress Code

Dressing casual in St. Croix is the way to go. 


The water in hotels and towns is perfectly safe to drink.

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