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What draws people year after year to Little Cayman? The diving. Colorful reefs, an abundance of marine life, and high walls. The island is known as one of the top diving destinations and is said to be the most photographed out of all other Caribbean islands. 

Along with the breathtaking diving, the 10-mile-long island is a perfect peaceful getaway. The small island offers a quiet atmosphere with soft, white sand beaches and turquoise blue water. This remote island provides all day relaxation on the surface with all of the excitement lying beneath the water. 

Little Cayman is one of three islands that make up the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean Sea. The island is approximately 60 miles northeast of Grand Cayman and five miles west of Cayman Brac.

What To Expect

Scuba Diving

Originally known as “Las Tortugas” (The Turtles), Little Cayman is blessed with an abundance of marine life. Turtles, of course, are a common sight as are eagle rays, angelfish, reef sharks and groupers. Towering high above the ocean floors stands two amazing wall systems. Jackson Point and Bloody Bay Wall. Each provides luscious coral and sponges with a variety of tunnels and turns to explore. As you descend toward the ocean floor, you will be surrounded by immense beauty and blue waters.

You might see:

  • Spotted eagle rays
  • Nassau grouper
  • Hawksbill and green turtles year-round
  • Loggerhead turtles
  • Sharks (7 species)
  • Starfish

Recommended Specialty Courses

  • Underwater photography
  • Perfect buoyancy
  • Boat diving
Little Cayman

Reef Divers

As you experience the world underwater, Reef Divers will take care of the heavy lifting. The personalized valet service takes care of your gear and equipment from the moment your feet touch soil to the minute you board the plane back home. 

Little Cayman

Little Cayman Beach Resort

The spectacular oceanfront view, the finest of amenities and personal hospitality make Little Cayman Beach Resort the best dive resort experience in Little Cayman. As the only deluxe full-service resort on the island, it offers something for everyone.

Little Cayman


Little Cayman is a small, Caribbean Island with a population that is more of a tight knit community. The island is unique because it is isolated from anthropogenic influences, making it a biologically diverse above and below the surface.

Booby Pond Nature Reserve

Take a trip to Booby Pond Nature Reserve to see approximately 4,000 Red-footed Boobies, one of the largest colonies in the region. The area is also home to swooping frigatebirds and attracts West Indian Whistling Ducks. Bird watching enthusiasts will enjoy this serene reserve with a chance to see thousands of these incredible animals.

San Gervasio

Kayak to Owen Island

For a fun afternoon adventure, rent some kayaks and head over to Owen Island, an uninhabited island off the southwest coast of Little Cayman. Owen Island can only be reached by sailing or kayaking, but the voyage is smooth sailing! The white sand beaches and gin clear water make for the perfect afternoon getaway.

San Gervasio

Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park

For an unforgettable dive, visit Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park to dive the Bloody Bay Wall. Bloody Bay Wall has a dramatic drop-off of over 5,000 feet where sharks, Nassau groupers, stingrays and turtles can all be seen. The wall and surrounding waters are protected by marine park status allowing reef fishes, sea turtles, eagle rays, corals and more to flourish.

What prior travelers say


“I can’t imagine trying to coordinate these trips on my own. I have been diving with Diventures since 2013 and every single trip has been memorable.”

– Mary P.

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Know Before You Go

Dive Insurance

Dive insurance is required on all Diventures trips. We recommend purchasing DAN dive insurance.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not required but is highly recommended for all Diventures trips. We recommend purchasing DAN trip insurance.


Must be valid 6 months beyond the dates of your trip.


The water in the Cayman Islands is, for the most part, safe to drink. Two desalination plants on Grand Cayman supply good-quality purified tap water to the entire West End, including Seven Mile Beach. If you can determine that you’re drinking desalinated water, then it’s safe to drink. Just ask.


Electricity on the Cayman Islands is 110-volt AC (60 cycles), so adapters or transformers are not required for U.S. appliances. Please turn off your television, lights and Air Conditioning when not in use to help us conserve power!

Etiquette & Customs 

You should pay attention to dress code etiquette in the Cayman Islands, as it remains a “proper” British crown colony and its residents are often conservative in dress and manners. Avoid wearing bathing suits or scanty beachwear outside of beach areas and cruise ships. Cover up in public areas, especially on the streets of George Town. Visitors will want to wear smart casual tropical resort wear at most restaurants. 


A government tourist tax of 13% is added to your hotel bill. A departure tax of CI$20 is also collected when you leave the Caymans; this tax is included in your plane fare. There is no tax on goods and services.

Drinking Laws

The legal drinking age is 18. Beer, wine, and liquor are sold at most grocery and convenience stores Monday to Saturday. It is legal to have an open container on the beach. Do not carry open containers of alcohol in your car or any public area that isn’t zoned for alcohol consumption. The police can fine you on the spot. Don’t even think about driving while intoxicated.


There is no need for visitors to exchange their US dollars for local currency. The US dollar is accepted throughout the islands. Major credit cards (with the exception of the Discover Card) and traveler’s checks are widely accepted.

Need help packing?

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