October 7, 2023 -
 October 14, 2023


The Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean


Where we are diving

Rising straight up from the abyssal depths, this rugged, volcanic island is like a piece of the Pacific teleported to the Caribbean. With a quaint, European charm above the waterline and pristine diving below, Saba calls itself “The Unspoiled Queen.” Healthy reefs with incredible visibility and marine life-covered pinnacles are all protected by Saba Marine Park.

On land, the Saba Conservation Foundation protects the unspoiled wilderness. As you’d expect from a volcanic island, underwater structures and seamounts offer amazing views. Complemented by shallow patch reefs, Saba has a nice mix of dives ranging from exhilarating drifts over “bottomless” drop-offs to mellow dives on sites full of juvenile fish and interesting invertebrates.

We will be diving with Sea Saba. This 5-star team knows the difference between a good dive trip and an extraordinary experience. Their professional and experienced crew strive to be the best dive guides you’ve ever had because your passion is their passion.

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Trip Leader


Rob Evenboer, Open Water Instructor

Rob has been a certified diver for over 25 years. He was lucky enough to have parents that were divers, so he was certified when he was 12 years old. Rob did his professional training in 2019 in Malaysia while on a year and half journey through South East Asia. Since being back, he has joined Diventures Battle Creek and found a new passion for the world-class shipwreck diving in the Great Lakes. Rob plans to continue his technical training so he can have even more diving opportunities.


John Player, Instructor Trainer

In 2006, John attended the ‘Big Event – Anniversary Sale’ at SeaVentures. He took advantage of the free “Try Scuba” session that was offered and has been “hooked” on scuba ever since!  John is happiest when he is near, in, on, or underwater! John is passionate about traveling to and diving in different countries with diverse cultures! He also loves SeaVentures’ pièce de résistance, the ever-loved & world-renowned trip to the Florida Keys aboard their “SeaVentures Surface Interval” custom passenger bus.
Top 5 reasons you should travel with me to Saba!


1. Seamounts and pinnacles provide amazing opportunities to experience an abundance of marine life.

2. Numerous hiking opportunities. On Friday nights our hotel offers guided hikes around the island.

3. Welcoming and friendly island.

4. Amazing views. Our hotel is close to the Mount Scenery Stairs, which takes you to the highest point within the Dutch Kingdom.

5. Wonderful restaurants. Tropics Cafe is farm-to-table so you’re eating the freshest and most delicious ingredients possible.

Resort Details


Where we are staying

Juliana’s Hotel has the perfect location. Nestled in the lush hillside in the village of Windwardside, where the days are warm, the nights are refreshingly cool, the birds are chirping, and a gentle breeze flows through your room. Juliana’s hotel is just a minute’s walk from Saba’s finest restaurants, gift shops, grocery stores, museums, and hiking trails. While strolling through the streets, you’ll acquire the true feeling of real island life … relaxed and laid-back!

The ocean-view rooms are spacious and decorated with tropical fabrics, plantation furniture and tiled flooring. These rooms have two full-size beds and are designed for maximum comfort and feature a private balcony with a hammock. Juliana’s Hotel even has personalized events every day of the week. From swimming at Cove Bay, to guided hiking tours, to indigo dying in their artist studio, you’ll never get bored on the island.

Learn more about the accommodations from Juliana’s Hotel page.

Trip Details



Ground Only

Ocean View

  • Double Diver: $ 2,600
  • Double Non-Diver: $ 1,800
  • Single Diver: $ 3,100


  • Double Diver: $ 2,700
  • Double Non-Diver: $ 1,950

Deposit and payments

  • 1st deposit: $500 Upon signup
  • 2nd deposit: $500 May 1, 2023
  • 3rd deposit: $500 July 1, 2023
  • Full Balance: August 15, 2023
  • Pre-trip meeting: September 17, 2023

Other info

  • Prices are based upon double occupancy
  • All payments are non-refundable
  • Prices are subject to change due to events outside of our control

 What’s included

  • 7 nights at Juliana’s Hotel
  • Hopper flight from St. Marteen to Saba
  • Unlimited Nitrox
  • Breakfast
  • Five dinner tours planned around the island
  • 10 morning dives
  • 1 afternoon dive (box lunch included)
  • 1 night dive
  • Airport transfers

What’s not included 

Recommended equipment

  • Shearwater Teric Computer
  • SeaLife Micro 3.0 camera

Recommended courses

  • Nitrox
  • Photo and Video

What prior travelers say

“If anyone is into diving or thinking about getting into diving, Diventures is the absolute best! They make learning and travel so enjoyable! Can’t wait for my next trip with Diventures!”

Trip Details



Saba offers year-round diving with seasonal differences in water temperature and surface conditions. The water temperature varies between 26C and 28C (77F-84F). Visibility ranges from a minimum of 20m (60ft) to virtually unlimited. Swells and heavy rainfall may influence visibility, but typically it clears again very quickly.


Electricity on the islands is the US Standard, 110 volts. For American electronics, there is no need for a converter!

Courtesy & Dress

Casual sportswear is an appropriate dress anytime on Saba. Bathing suits are not appropriate within the villages. Being shirtless in any of Saba’s villages is actually against the law!


Everyone speaks English, although Dutch is the official language.

Currency, Taxes & Tipping 

Saba uses the US dollar. There are ATMs in Windwardside and the Bottom. Credit cards (including foreign cards) are accepted at larger establishments. Service charges are included on restaurant bills, so no further tipping is necessary. However, gratuity is not included at Tropics Cafe, so tipping will be necessary there. At hotels, a 10% to 15% service charge is generally at the discretion of the guest. Tipping taxi drivers and guides are at visitors’ discretion.

Getting to Saba

All travel to Saba happens through St. Maarten so a hopper flight is needed to get to the island. Only a twelve-minute flight, but what a twelve minutes they are! When boarding your Twin Otter or BN2 Islander at Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten, you’ll certainly notice the difference in scale to many of the commercial airlines parked and landing around you. Only space for 16 passengers in a Twin Otter (7 in an islander) so you’ll get a real feeling that you and your fellow travelers are part of a team heading out on an expedition. On takeoff, you’ll soar gracefully upward banking hard right to swing around in the direction of Saba. Out over the turquoise sea, that sharp silhouette in the distance with clouds atop is your destination! The runway at Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport is only 400m in length and is reputed to be the shortest commercial airstrip in the world! You’ll get the real sense of landing on an aircraft carrier as you’ll see the waters of Cove Bay to the left and the Caribbean sea to the right of the runway. The approach is practically at a cliff, the rugged terrain of Saba blocks out the entire sky as you peer over the shoulders of your pilots. Then it’s a sharp bank left and a gentle touchdown. Landing on Saba is an art form and the Pilots of Winair & Windward Express are maestros, so enjoy it, remembering it will not be a problem!

Need help packing?

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