July 7, 2018 -
 July 14, 2018

Saba – Trip Full

The “Unspoiled Queen” of the Caribbean

Where we are diving

Saba offers diving for all levels of divers. Past volcanic activity has created spectacular formations and structures like underwater lava flows and hot springs. The Saba Marine Park was established to safeguard and ensure the continued quality of an extraordinary resource. Due to Marine Park restrictions, the reefs are populated with schools of tropical fish and healthy coral. Sheer close-to-shore walls are covered with sponges of all sizes and the heavily encrusted deep-water seamounts attract pelagic creatures, including five species of shark. Sea Saba’s experienced crew will tailor our dive sites to the day’s conditions and diving abilities. Trip leaders are Aaron Parson and Megan Oswald.


Resort Details


Where we are staying

Juliana’s Hotel is nestled in the lush hillside in the village of Windwardside. The days are warm, the nights are refreshingly cool, the birds are chirping and a gentle breeze flows through your room. The Tropics Café serves the included breakfast and the outdoor Tipsy Goat Bar is a perfect spot for an afternoon cocktail. The hotel prides itself of personalized service, offers free wifi and is just a few minutes’ walk from Saba’s finest restaurants, gift shops, museum and more. Our package includes the “Dine Around Program” – we’ll enjoy dining at a different restaurant each night. While strolling through the streets, you’ll acquire the true feeling of island life…relaxed and laid back.

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