August 5, 2021 -
 August 9, 2021

North Carolina – sold out

Sharks, wrecks, and beautiful beaches

 Where we are diving

Join us as we head to North Carolina, home to the Sand Tiger shark, an impressive looking but docile shark. Sand Tiger encounters are common occurrences in the offshore waters and are often present in large numbers. The sharks range in size from four to over eight feet long! Sand Tigers typically swim with their mouths open, smiling for photos, and proudly displaying three rows of ferocious teeth. North Carolina is also referred to as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.” More than 2,000 ships have sunk in these waters since people began keeping records in 1526.

We will be diving with Olympus Dive Center, which is located in Morehead City, North Carolina. Olympus Diver Center is a thriving, full-service dive center that runs dive trips year-round. Their dive boats are built to comfortably take divers to dozens of wrecks off the coast of North Carolina and the wrecks are also a habitat for an incredible variety of marine life from big to small. Divers are required to have a minimum of 25 logged dives with two boat ocean dives, two dives to 70 feet or greater, and two dives in the last 12 months. Minimum age of 15 years old. Advanced Open Water Certified is preferred. Join trip leader, Aaron Parson and explore the Atlantic!


Aaron Parson

Aaron Parson, Trip Leader

I’d like to invite you to join us on our shipwreck adventure to North Carolina. North Carolina has been rated #1 in North America for pelagic encounters, and several of the wrecks are known to have 15 to 20 Sand Tiger sharks inhabiting them. They often swim with their mouths open which expose rows and rows of gnarly jagged shark teeth, which make for great close-ups. Be sure to pack that wide-angle lens! The wrecks also offer other critter sightings such as rays the size of small cars, Loggerhead turtles, octopus and eels, fish, and more fish; additionally, don’t forget to pack that macro lens, a discerning eye and a little patience will give you the opportunity to get some great shots of Seaweed Blennies, Nudibranchs, and Sea spiders to name a few species. If that were not enough, the historical wrecks of North Carolina are mostly intact and are actual historical shipwrecks that were sunk during the notorious German U-boat attacks of WW2. The German U-352 was sunk off the North Carolina coast on May 9th, 1942 by Coast guard Cutter Icarus. The U-352 has actually been featured and televised by the History Channel. Don’t miss this great opportunity to join us on our dive into American history, shipwrecks, and sharks… and did I mention the sharks?

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Registration closes on May 6, 2021.

Resort Details


Where we are staying

The Olympus Divers’ Lodge is located within two blocks of the dive shop, providing divers with convenient accommodations and the opportunity to meet and socialize with divers from around the country. The lodge has 32 bunks in five separate rooms. Each bunk has a storage area for your dry gear. Each guest will need to bring his/her own linens, typically a sleeping bag, pillowcase, and towel. The lodge is located adjacent to Tightlines Bar and Grill and above Shuckin’ Shack on Arendell Street so you can pop right over for a drink and delicious seafood!

Learn more about the accommodations from the Olympus Lodge.

Trip Details



  • From Omaha: $1,680
  • From Springfield: $1,590
  • From North Liberty: $1,600
  • From Madison or Columbia: $1,140*

Deposit and payments

  • $500 due upon sign up
  • Full balance due June 5, 2021

    Other info

    • Non-diver: $1,210 from Omaha, $1,120 from Springfield, $1,130 from North Liberty, $670 from Madison or Columbia
    • Prices are based upon double occupancy
    • All payments are non-refundable
    • Prices are subject to change due to events outside of our control

    Recommended courses

    • Wreck Diving
    • Night Diving and Limited Visibility

      What’s included

      • Roundtrip airfare
      • 4 nights of accommodations
      • 3 full days charter/6 dives
      • Weights

      What’s not included

      Recommended equipment

      • Hollis LED Mini 3 Torch 
      • Save a Dive Kit

      What prior travelers say

      “I had the opportunity to dive North Carolina a few years ago with Diventures, and it is one of my favorite trips of all time. From the sand tiger shark-covered Caribsea to the historical U-352, it was an experience you can’t get anywhere else.  It is a truly wonderful mix of sharks, history, and great wreck diving.”
      – Chad B

      Important Details


      Know before you go

      Bug Spray
      Be sure to bring it with you! Mosquitos are most active in the early morning hours and around sundown

      Credit Cards
      Please remember to let your CC company know where you are traveling to!

      The temp in Moorehead City sits at 86 during the day and falls to 75 in the evening.  It also rains quite a bit so don’t forget a light rain jacket!

      Lodging Amenities
      Each guest will need to bring his or her own linens, typically a sleeping bag, pillowcase, and towel.

      Need help packing?

      We can’t pack for you, but we can share our packing list and travel tips.