October 21, 2022 -
 October 24, 2022

North Carolina

Graveyard of the Atlantic


Where we are diving

Diving along the North Carolina coast will certainly get your heart racing. Swim with Sand Tigers and Barracudas. Dive in the same water only miles away from Blackbeard’s infamous ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge. Take a glimpse into the past as you explore shipwrecks from all over the world since the 1700s.

It’s no surprise that North Carolina is referred to as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”. With over 2,000 shipwrecks scattered along the seafloor, some can even be spotted from the shore. U-boats from WWll, German submarines, and vessels from the Civil War are just a few that have made the ocean floor their new home.

But what lies below the surface aren’t just pieces of history. These wrecks are home to an abundance of marine life. Sand Tiger sharks are a common occurrence and usually swim in large numbers. Get your camera ready as they swim by. They’ll proudly display their three rows of teeth in a ferocious smile. Other creatures include nurse sharks, manta rays, and loggerhead sea turtles. 

Diving with Olympus Dive Center brings comfort and relaxation to your dive adventure. Their dive boats can take divers to dozens of wreck sites, while dive pros show you the lay of the land. Their crew is always there to answer your questions and make sure you get the most out of each dive.

Emerald Isle

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Trip Leader

Angie Fuller

Beth VanPelt, Lexington Store Manager


Beth is very excited to be leading this trip to North Carolina. She loves exploring the nooks and crannies of shipwrecks. She is also excited to meet everyone and share with them an adventure of a lifetime.

Top 5 reasons you should go to North Carolina with me!

2. Amazing shipwrecks
3. Beautiful beaches
4. Historic art galleries
5. Fantastic seafood

Lodge Details

Where we are staying

Located just two miles from the Olympus Dive Center, Olympus Divers’ Lodge provides bunk-style accommodations and the opportunity to meet divers from all over the country. Guests will need to bring his/or her own linens which typically include a sleeping bag, pillow, and towel. Each bunk has a storage area for your dry gear. And after a day of diving, you can relax in the lounge or pop on over to Tight Lines Bar and Grill for an after-dive drink.

Dunbar Scuba group

Learn more about the accommodations from the lodge website.

Trip Details



    Ground only

    • $660 per diver
    • $350 per non-diver

    Deposit and payments

    • 1st deposit: $250 due upon sign up
    • Full Balance: Due September 1, 2022

    Other info

    • All payments are non-refundable
    • Prices are subject to change due to events outside of our control

    * Anti-nausea medicine is highly recommended if you get motion sickness easily

    Minimum requirements for a full day dive trip

    • Advanced Open Water certified (preferred)
    • Nitrox certified (preferred)
    • Minimum 25 logged dives
    • Two boat ocean dives logged
    • Two dives greater than 70 feet
    • Two dives in the last 12 months
    • Minimum age- 15 years old


    What’s included

    • 3 nights of accommodations
    • 2 full days charter/4 dives
    • Weights
    • Trip T-shirt

    What’s not included

    Recommended equipment

    • Hollis LED mini 3 torch
    • Save a Dive kit

    Recommended courses

    • Wreck Diving
    • Deep Diving
    • Boat Diving

    What prior travelers say

    If anyone is into diving or thinking about getting into diving, Diventures is the absolute best! They makes learning and travel so enjpyable! Can’t wait for my next trip with Diventures!

    Know Before
    You Go

    Bug Spray – Be sure to bring it with you! Mosquitos are mostly active in the early morning hours and around sundown

    Credit Cards – Please remember to let your CC company know where you are traveling to!

    Temperature – The temp in Moorehead City sits at 65 during the day and falls to 50-55 in the evening.  It also rains quite a bit so don’t forget a light rain jacket!

    Lodging Amenities – Each guest will need to bring his or her own linens, typically a sleeping bag, pillowcase, and towel.

    Need help packing?

    We can’t pack for you, but we can share our packing list and travel tips.