August 24, 2024 -
 September 9, 2024

Indonesia aboard the Arenui – sold out

A luxurious liveaboard and spectacular diving

Where we are diving

Diving in the Forgotten Islands you can expect to find plenty of rare and unusual critters and stunning corals, but you will also have fantastic opportunities for pelagic sightings and schools of larger fish such as barracuda and mackerel, as well as the chance to meet schooling hammerhead sharks. Dive sites in the Forgotten Islands are in the Banda Sea and are particularly noticeable for the crystal clear blue sea, deep walls and huge sponges. The stunning walls of the Banda Sea are beautiful and healthy due to the isolation of these areas. We will then make our way to Alor islands. This offers widespread muck diving, sharks and large schools of fish, WWII wreck dives, untouched reefs and unexplored coral gardens, magnificent soft corals and stunning hard coral formations.

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Registration closes on January 1, 2024.

JoAnn Haack

JoAnn Haack, Trip Leader

I have always been drawn to the underwater world and the beauty I’ve seen in pictures and movies. Once I learned it’s possible to dive in Iowa, I never looked back. As a level 8 diver, I have helped many new divers take their first breaths underwater and have taught ages 10 to 66 since becoming a dive professional in 2008.
Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Resort Details


Where we are staying

The Arenui is a traditional and magnificent Phinisi – a classic Indonesian wooden sailing vessel – set to explore the majestic underwater world of the Indonesian archipelago. If you want to experience the culture and style of the country, as you sail through its beautiful islands, then this if for you. Unlike modern-style vessels, this boat offers you the chance to step aboard a truly Indonesian experience, to enhance your time in this special destination.

All cabins have been luxuriously furnished in a sophisticated and tasteful manner. The cabins’ individual themes and styles were inspired by handicrafts from each of the Indonesian provinces. Each cabin has a private en-suite bathroom and individual air conditioning. A king-size bed or roomy singles and a distinct lounge area guarantee maximum comfort and ensure that our guests never feel crowded.

Learn more about the accommodations from the Arenui website.

reef and fish

Trip Details



  • All Locations: $9,880 per diver

Deposit and payments

  • $500 deposit due upon sign up
  • $1000 due February 11, 2021
  • $1000 due January 22, 2024
  • Full payment due April 23, 2024

Other info

  • Master cabin: $10,530
  • Prices are based upon double occupancy
  • All payments are non-refundable
  • Prices are subject to change due to events outside of our control

Recommended courses

  • Boat Diving
  • Night Diving and Limited Visibility
  • Fish ID course

What’s included

  • Transfers
  • Shore activities and excursions
  • Up to 4 dives/day
  • National Park entrance fee
  • All meals and soft drinks

What’s not included

Recommended equipment

  • Indo Pacific fish ID book
  • GoBe 1000 Wide FC
  • Red GoBe Focus Head

What prior travelers say

This trip will be FABULOUS! Diving in Indonesia is like nowhere else. The reef is so healthy and beautiful and we saw pygmy seahorses, manta rays, and everything in between including wobbegong sharks and even the epaulette sharks out walking around. The Arenui has earned its place among the most luxurious liveaboards in the world and in partnership with them, we have developed a unique itinerary through the Forgotten Islands. It has taken me 14 years of diving, to find a place I will actually call my ‘favorite place to dive in the world’ – INDONESIA – Come and let me show you why!

JoAnn H.

Important Details


Know before you go


On Arrival, a visa can be obtained free of charge at the airport. It is valid for 30 days and not extendable.

We recommend to travel with Rupiahs and/or USDs. We suggest you exchange to Indonesia Rupiah on arrival at the airport as the conversion rate there might be better than the one at your local bank.

The onboard payments (and tips) can be made in cash: Indonesia Rupiah, USD or by credit card with a possible surcharge of 3%.

**Important: The luggage surcharges must be paid in cash with Indonesian Rupiah. Do not forget to have enough change before registration at the airport. Nevertheless, you will be able to find currency exchange office or bank distributor in most of the airports.

No vaccination required.

Malaria is a risk, mainly in rural areas (Java’s main cities and Bali are considered malaria-free).

Dengue is a major problem in Indonesia. There is no vaccination so we highly recommend taking measures to avoid mosquito bites (repellent, long-sleeved t-shirt, and long pants).

We recommend you to check with your physician before departure.

Need help packing?

We can’t pack for you, but we can share our packing list and travel tips.