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March 18, 2017 -
 March 25, 2017

Grand Turk

World-renowned wall diving and whale watching

Where we are diving

Grand Turk is acclaimed for its beautiful dive sites and world renowned wall, which starts at depths of just 30 feet. The topography of the wall is exciting, and being just a few hundred yards from shore makes for short, easy boat rides. Humpback whales are frequently seen along the wall in the winter. Spotted Eagle Rays cruise the reef and friendly Nassau Groupers are usually there to welcome you on every dive. The water is filled with turtles, stingrays, schools of horse-eyed jacks, puffers, trumpetfish, snappers and much more. Beautiful and colorful tube sponges, plate coral and soft coral cover the wall.

Resort Details


Where we are staying

We are staying at the Osprey Beach Hotel, where you can enjoy the beautiful beach during the day and be lulled to sleep by the soft sounds of ocean waves at night. Each beachfront suite has a private balcony or patio overlooking the ocean and beach, plus free wifi. Enjoy the unhurried pace of island life, treat yourself at the hotel restaurant and bar, and relax at the beachside pool where you can watch the beautiful sunsets and look for the green flash.

Osprey Beach Hotel

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