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 August 19, 2017

Dunbar Rock – Trip Full

Private island get-away

Where we are diving

A favorite destination of trip leader Dean Hollis, Dunbar Rock is located near Guanaja, the eastern most Bay Island of Honduras. Guanaja’s reef is a protected marine reserve making it an ideal spot for scuba diving. It’s located on the eastern mountains forming the Bonacca Ridge, which is the southern rim of a great wall dropping steeply into the Cayman Trench. The Cayman Trench is the deepest point of the Caribbean Sea and drops to a staggering 25,000 feet. Because of the proximity to the trench, Guanaja attracts marine life more usually found in deeper waters. This includes large migratory pelagic animals such as hammerhead sharks, manta rays and whale sharks. Visibility averages 100 feet and varying depths make it perfect for beginner and advanced divers. There is excellent diving and fishing from the dock and the coral reef is private and virtually untouched by diver impact.

Resort Details


Where we are staying

The Villa on Dunbar Rock is not just a resort – it’s a dream vacation destination. Diventures guests will be treated to a private dive vacation experience from start to finish. Perched with 360 degree views of Sandy Bay, Guanaja and surrounding cays, this beautiful resort blends beauty and serenity with a laid-back, inviting atmosphere. You’ll enjoy the hospitality of the staff and the all-inclusive food and drinks. The beautiful historical landmark was once used as a mooring for the famous pirate Blackbeard. Local legend has it that there is buried treasure on the island. The views are amazing from sun up to sun down. The island is incredibly easy to access – only 10 minutes by boat from Guanaja Airport. The airport is two hours, via direct flight, from Houston, Texas.

Dunbar Rock

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