Swim Lessons in Marietta

Trying to grow your confidence in the water? The Dive Shop offers group and private swim programs perfect for all ages and skill levels!

About us

Looking for swim programs in Marietta that are fun for the whole family? The personalized swimming curriculum at The Dive Shop takes you and your kids from shore explorers to underwater adventurers.

The Dive Shop was acquired by Diventures in 2022 after decades of serving divers in Marietta. Diventures has expanded our offerings and relaunched our swim program. We teach Swim Schools International (SSI) curriculum to help you go from shore explorer to underwater adventurer. Our SSI-certified teachers make swimming fun, safe, and comfortable. We provide individualized instruction and goals to each swimmer so everyone learns the skills they need to advance.

boy with swim goggles taking lesson

Our Swim Program

With highly certified staff, small class sizes, and specialty programs you can’t find anywhere else, we’re committed to being a go-to destination for swim classes in Marietta.

Choosing the right class is key to success. We offer a free trial lesson with:

  • One-on-one time with one of our certified teachers and your child in our pool under your supervision.
  • An assessment of your child’s swim skill level so he or she can be placed in the right class.
  • A chance to talk to the teacher about your child’s skill level and recommendations.
  • An opportunity to address concerns, answer questions and discuss swimming goals.

Call us at 770.973.7909 or send us an email and we’ll schedule a trial at your convenience.

girl and toddler in pool swimming lesson

Certified and passionate teachers

Our Marietta swim teachers have the highest level of SSI credentials and follow proven swimming techniques. Regardless of your age or skill level, we approach our classes with compassion and help swimmers learn at their own pace. Most lessons at Diventures have a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio, so your children can get the attention they need to grow their confidence in the water.

Measurable progress

Our swimming lessons track your child’s skill development with our Passport to Adventure. As they advance through our program, you can easily see and celebrate their achievements.

Passport to Adventure graphic

Ecology classes

To continue living our mission of furthering ocean health education and conservation in our communities, Diventures is proud to provide a free kid’s ecology program for swim students and their families. Each 45-minute session covers a range of marine, ocean health and conservation topics over the course of 12 months. The class includes a 20-30 minute child-friendly presentation followed by a 15-20 minute activity reinforcing the topic.

kids in classroom oceanography

Swim with Diventures in Marietta

Whether you’re looking in Marietta for swim lessons for your kids or private swim lessons for yourself, Diventures has a variety of water programs to help you achieve your swimming goals.

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Baby & toddler swim lessons

Starting at $115/month
+ $50 registration fee

For infants (2+ months) through toddlers (up to 35 months old)

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Child swim lessons

Starting at $115/month
+ $50 registration fee

Our level 1 to level 3 classes accept 3-year-olds to 15-year-olds, whether they’re beginners or established swimmers.

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Adult swim lessons

Starting at $115/month
+ $50 registration fee

We specialize in adult swim lessons and can help improve your swimming abilities at any age.

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Private swim lessons

Starting at $300/month

For more one-on-one time than in a group swim class, consider our private swim lessons in Marietta.

Swimming FAQs

What should I bring to swimming classes in Marietta?

You only need to bring a swimsuit, towel, and goggles to swim class. Children three and younger or those not toilet trained need to wear reusable swim diapers. You can purchase reusable swim diapers and goggles at our retail store.

What can I expect at my first swim lesson in Marietta?

At your first Diventures swim lesson in Marietta, you can expect to meet our staff, get familiar with our facility, and ease into our curriculum. Depending on your skill level, we may start out with some exercises to help you feel more comfortable in the water like floating, treading, and general water safety tips. Throughout the lesson, you’ll receive feedback on your technique, tips for improvement, and encouragement. As you grow your skills, our swim teachers will gradually introduce more advanced techniques.

Contact our Marietta location

Have questions or want to speak with us before signing up for swim lessons in Marietta? Come say hello to our friendly Diventures swim teachers today!



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