Shark Week Coloring Contest Winners!

Our swim students in the shark week coloring contest drew amazing sharks, and we are proud of every participant! Choosing one winner from each location was hard! Congratulations to the following students who win a copy of Shark Lady!

Why highlight shark week?

There is a big myth that sharks are huge mindless eating machines with axe-size teeth, but that’s not the case!

Most sharks eat fish and don’t want anything to do with humans, and there are only a few negative shark encounters every year worldwide.  The incidents are mainly instigated by humans trying to get too close to the animals in the wild, so don’t hug sharks!

There are a lot of other things that are far more likely to happen than having a negative encounter with a shark, just read this short list and you may feel better about our finny friends.

  • The average person is more likely to win the lottery than have a run in with a shark.
  • You’re more likely to get struck by lightning than have a negative encounter with a shark.
  • The odds are greater that a vending machine will fall over on you than getting injured by a shark.

In general, it’s safe to be in the water when sharks are around., but we need to make sure we respect their space!

About 30% of sharks face possible extinction, and more than 100 million sharks are killed every year due to human activity!

Sharks play an important role in the ecosystem as predators. They help keep the animal population balanced and keep the ocean ecosystems healthy. A healthy ocean is good for everyone, including us!