There’s no denying that online shopping has tremendous advantages and Amazon has transformed the retail industry. But for certain types of purchases, such as scuba diving gear, the benefits of online shopping don’t outweigh the assurances, personal services, and value-added amenities you get from a trip to your local dive shop.

Let’s start with the expertise of your local dive shop staff. Although the online universe offers you an opportunity to learn about scuba diving gear through websites, blogs, and other online resources, there is simply no better way to learn about diving and determine the best equipment for you than by interacting with an actual human that knows his or her stuff. For you to get the best scuba diving gear for your unique needs and goals, a dive shop expert will ask you a series of question. This makes an in-store consultation with a scuba gear expert invaluable.

Another key factor to consider is that certain scuba diving gear is best purchased in-store to ensure proper fit. For example, a mask is a highly personal selection and is very dependent on the right fit. A leaky mask can ruin an otherwise great dive! Trying a few different ones on at a dive shop is much easier than multiple purchases and returns of masks that don’t fit right. An exposure suit is similar. Wet suits and dry suits must fit perfectly, so trying different ones on in a shop is much easier than rolling the dice online.

It’s also worth noting that a lot of essential scuba diving gear you’ll purchase – BCDs, air delivery systems, dive computers, gauges – is considered “life-saving” equipment. So, it is very important to purchase from an authorized dealer where you can trust the equipment. Plus, you can be assured that the gear comes directly from the manufacturer and is not a sub-quality counterfeit product. You’ll also have the peace of mind in knowing that your equipment is valid under warranty, with proper service and maintenance.

If you purchase your scuba diving gear at Diventures, you can also schedule a gear check and test out your new equipment in our pool at no charge. That’s not an option if you purchase online. If there are any issues with the equipment, our retail associates can solve them right then and there until you’re satisfied.

Beyond the initial purchase, buying scuba diving gear at your local dive shop also makes warranty activation, continued maintenance, and ongoing support much easier. And, at Diventures, our dive gear experts are committed to building relationships with our customers long-term, prioritizing future service and repairs for purchases, and being available for questions, concerns, or recommendations.

Another factor is the impact on our communities. Diventures is heavily involved in our local communities – including lake and water body clean-up – so purchasing scuba diving gear from our retail shops help to support these socially important efforts.

Ultimately, the best argument for purchasing at our dive shop (or any other) is our people. Expert advice, personal service, and ongoing maintenance will help you gain the most from your gear investments over anything you can find online.

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