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Meet Bill Feller, he is Diventures Kansas City’s in-house scuba gear service and repair technician and scuba instructor. He has over 30 years of experience in the business and is always ready to help customers with their gear.


How long have you been scuba diving and when did you get into scuba gear repairs and service?

I have been diving since 1985 when I was in the Navy stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I started servicing gear while I was on the submarine as a submarine scuba diver and was tasked with doing preventive maintenance on our scuba gear.

What has kept you so passionate about diving and gear servicing?

Scuba diving is my zen – just blow bubbles and chill. It’s where I am most comfortable. Being a gear tech has come into play so many times on my dive trips. But there’s so much more than just servicing gear; it’s also troubleshooting and teaching the customer about how their gear should work. I wish more people would take the equipment classes that are offered to not just learn how to care for their gear but how it works. You can always join me and sign up for the equipment specialty training class.

What is one of your fondest memories of working in the scuba industry?

The most awesome dive I ever had was while diving in Ketchikan, Alaska off the submarine I was working with. We were doing a security swim when a pod of orcas came swimming by. I’m pretty sure we were more scared than they were; staying just out of arm’s reach. Seeing them eye-to-eye was the most amazing experience ever. After we got out of the water the whales stayed around the boat looking for us and were breaching and leaping out of the water.

What dive destinations are on your bucket list?

The one dive I would love to do is go to Iceland and dive Silfra, the continental trench where the North American and European plates come together.

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