Developing mastery with any skill takes commitment, passion, and an intense motivation to be at the top of your game. If you’ve received your Open Water Diving certification, congrats! That’s the first step toward becoming a skilled scuba diver. But, if you really want to take your skills to a higher level and make the most out of every scuba experience, there’s no better way than achieving the Master Diver level.

So, why is becoming a Master Diver a big deal?

Think of your Open Water Diving certification as something akin to getting your driver’s license in your teens. Of course, you were able to get your driver’s license by meeting all the requirements – written tests, driving exam. But just meeting minimum requirements for a driver’s license doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a good driver. The two keys to becoming a good driver are experience and knowledge. Knowing the best driving practices and tons of time behind the wheel gives you the knowledge and experience to be a good driver.

Those same two keys are what it takes to become a Master Diver. With every dive, you’ll become more and more experienced and confident in your skills. And, with every class, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and specialized expertise that you can put to good use on every dive.

What it takes to become a Master Diver

Master Diver is a program that empowers you to achieve the top echelon of scuba divers. To gain your certification, you will need to complete:

Master Diver is a program designed to give you a powerful combination of experience and knowledge. We’ve found that divers start to become really comfortable and confident at about the 50-dive mark. And the specialty courses help provide education and increase confidence and skills.

At Diventures, we offer the Scuba School International (SSI) Master Diver program. SSI’s Master Diver rating is an elite recognition of knowledge, skills, and experience. By completing the five specialty programs, and logging 50 open water dives, you will automatically earn the SSI Master Diver recognition rating, as well as the SSI specialty course certifications.

So, if you’re ready to up your diving skills, consider becoming a Master Diver!

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