“The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves.”
– Wyland, Marine Life Artist

What do you see in your mind’s eye when you think of wilderness?

The vast snowcapped and purpled mountain ranges? Ancient pine forests filled with bird calls and the earthy scent of fir and rain? Billowing prairies with waves of grass that bend to the wind’s push, pulling back curtains of green to reveal meadowlarks? The clamor of a verdant rainforest dense with tangled vines, large-eyed creatures, and vital trees acting as lungs for the planet? The rust, gold, and iron grit and beauty of the painted and stepped deserts?

But, do you think of the oceans as a wilderness?

It is, and it is magnificent.

When we think of all our planet offers, think of this; the world is 70% water, what you typically think of as the wild on land is a mere 30% of what’s out there!

I encourage any nature lover, explorer of the world, and friend of the wild to look at the waves. Underneath the surface is the most extraordinary beauty and majesty this planet has to offer.

There is a greater abundance and diversity of marine creatures in the waters than on land. From creatures who are positively pre-historic and alien to those who have no qualms showing off their rich and saturated hued details.

The landscape under the waves is filled with mountain ranges, valleys, and gorgeous caverns shot through with rays of light. Walls of living coral bend, twist, and fan in ornate shapes. Hulking gentle whales migrate from one end of the oceans to the other, while tornadoes of silver fish and old turtles ride the currents and their babies nestle in nurseries of kelp and seaweed.

The oceans and waterways are alive and teeming with wildlife, and it would take a lifetime of hiking on land to see as much abundance as you see in the waves. 

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As many of our lands need protection, our waterways and oceans are at risk. Anyone who spends time in our breathtaking and precious underwater world becomes passionate about it. And, our oceans have never needed people more than now to step up and protect them.

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Ready to explore the great wild under the waves?

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